October 3, 2013

10 Ways to Snap Out of a Funk. ~ Sasha Nelson

Snap Out of It and Start Living Again

Ever feel like you’ve just plateaued and aren’t getting anywhere? Like you’re stuck in a sticky, stinky funk? Like that feeling you get as a New Yorker when you’re in between New Year’s and spring, when the holiday cheer is long gone and you know you have a good three months of wearing a sleeping-bag jacket ahead of you?

I know this feeling. It’s weird, uncomfortable, and annoying.

Here are 10 ways that help me snap out of it and start living again when I’m feeling funked out and not a good kind of funky like this song:

1. Meditate. (You knew that was coming.)

2. Do something you really love, something you are passionate about. Not sure what you’re passionate about? Just do something that makes you laugh. I bet you know what makes you laugh.

3. Catch up with a close friend or contact someone who inspires you.

4. Make a Gratitude List of at least 10 things from the previous day you are grateful for. Do this every day, even after you snap out of it because, as life would have it, it is possible to fall back into the funk again.

5. Read or watch a documentary about something you love, something that inspires you. Notice how it makes you feel, maybe even write it down.

6. When you wake up, write in a journal for however long you want, without stopping until you’re done. Let your thoughts flow, let it all out, be honest and then go on with your day.

7. Do yoga, ride a bike, take a walk, lift weights, play a sport, dance—get active.

8. Cook a great meal. Don’t know how to cook? Look up a simple recipe and give it a try. If it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, give yourself props for trying. Don’t forget to use 100 percent pure love as the main ingredient.

Can’t fathom cooking at all? Treat yourself to a meal at a restaurant you’ve been jonesing to try.

9. Create a mood board, even if it’s Pinterest. Post things you envision for your life, and literally visualize them in your head as you’re creating your board. Places, people, things — anything goes.

10. Create a Goals List of things you want and foresee for your life 1-2 years from now, even just six months from now.

If they seem overwhelming, create sub-lists of baby steps that you can take to achieve the more intimidating goals. Tell yourself “I can do this!” Then do it.

Peace, love and snap out of it.


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  Assistant Ed: Paige Vignola/Ed: Bryonie Wise


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