5 Ways to Shake a Case of the Mondays. ~ Elena Sheehy

Via Elena Sheehy
on Oct 1, 2013
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Sunday night was the time when I would start to feel a case of the Mondays creeping on—when my presence was tested and daunted by the fact that I had to go back to work in just t-minus eight hours.

Here are five ways that help you raise your vibration when you feel a case of the Mondays coming on.

1. Create a Monday morning dance party mix.

Who says Monday mornings have to be depressing, flip it and reverse it? Throw a Monday morning dance party to celebrate the start of a new day filled with endless possibilities. Shake the case of the Mondays right out of your system.

Feel free to add a hairbrush microphone, sing loudly, be silly, be free and enjoy this fun and sacred time with yourself!

2. Examine your career goals.

You wouldn’t have the case of the Mondays if you liked your job, so ask yourself, what kind of job would you like to create and strive for? Write five actions towards attaining it. Have no clue? Ask yourself: “What would it take to find my true purpose?” Keep asking and the answers will come up. If anything, you will likely attract some resources to help you.

3. Commit acts of kindness.

You can start with an act as simple as buying a cup of coffee or tea for someone at work that you appreciate.
Studies show that when we do something kind or selfless, serotonin increases in our brain.

4. Sound healing, a tune yourself

Try out a chakra gong bowl mediation in your neighborhood.  If you can’t find a local sound meditation, download the frequency of heart on ITunes and go somewhere quiet and cozy and sink deep and let the sound vibration heal you.

In the yogi philosophy, there are seven chakras and each one has a vibration.

5. Experiment with shifting focus.

Move consciously from the ordinary to the extraordinary. For instance, as you pay for your coffee at a cafe, see beyond the personality of the person behind the counter and perceive them as beings filled with light.
If you have an angry boss, see their six year-old selves the next time you talk with them.

I like to see, sense or feel that the universe and angels are blowing me kisses as I walk down the street while the trees are high-fiving me.


What methods do you use to avoid a case of the Mondays?


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Elena Sheehy is the founder of Love Letter Nation and Generation Gratitude. She currently organizes and facilitates Generation Gratitude after school programs, workshops and retreats all around the world. She also works with individuals on Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life programs where she helps clients break negative believes and blocks in their energy field by practicing powerful individualized mantras, clearing techniques and meditations to delete old patterns for good. To join the heart tribe and to learn more about Generation Gratitude and Love Letter Nation programs go to her website.


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