October 9, 2013

Artist Imagines What Various Mental Illnesses Would Look Like. {Artwork}

Many people (myself included) who have battled various mental illnesses have often described them as “real-life monsters”.

For example, when I envision depression (the illness I have battled on and off with since my teens) I see a vampire with blood dripping from his fangs-the blood representing all hope, happiness and even the ability to want to get out of bed in the morning and face the new day.

UK-based artist, Toby Allen, has taken pen to paper and made a serious of striking illustrations. While the results wouldn’t be out of place in a Pixar movie, Allen makes it clear in his disclosure that there is nothing funny about these illnesses nor is his art an attempt to make light of them.

He writes: “The artwork is not at all intended to make light of these conditions but instead is intended to give these intangible mental illnesses some substance and make them appear more managable as physical entities.”

He also plans to produce and share more images of other mental illnesses in the upcoming weeks.

View them here.


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