Beware! 10 Things that don’t make you a Hipster & One Thing that Does.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 12, 2013
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Hipster much? Hipsters in a good way are idiosyncratic lovers of craft. Hipsters in a bad way are ethics-lite followers of fads!

Don’t worry: these 10 things don’t make you a Hipster.

1. Cool Glasses: a) cheap and Made in China or b) pricey carved out of wood or bone bought in some sweet Made in USA boutique. Neither one makes gives you a case of hipsteritis.

2. Shoes: Converse (owned by Reebok, or Nike, like, whatever: and totally made in China) or Toms Shoes or beat Vans or even old dinged classy classic Wingtips bought secondhand or even even going barefoot won’t get you access to the cool hipster clubs, ’cause there aren’t any (more on that below). hipster naked bingo hipsterrunoff

3. Tight jeans. ‘Nuff said.hipster naked bingo

4. Funny Outfits: American Apparel bold craycrazy outfits: gold lame tights, bright pink whatever; jokey outfits of all kinds, ridiculously sloganed old tee shirts.

5. Etc: PBR or better yet microbrew, a slight gut, a tramp stamp, a healthy sense of irony and a willingness to make a fool out of your showboating attention-seeking self

6. Etc etc: a crazy silly hat or headdress at concert or wearing a knit cap in fucking summer. A spinning thread habit, a cocaine habit. A pipe, a handsome beard.

7. Etcetera: a big scarf kinda thing, a v neck, the latest whatever music no one’s heard of and/or listening to old school classic stuff that nobody else knows about

8. Etcetera etcetera: a Mac Laptop, a fancy grinder, bangs or afro, grandpa sweater

9. Etcetera: a Ball Jar, a Fixie

10. And, or: 50s style bold makeup, anything wonderful that’s Filson or Pendleton or lesser known brands you probably don’t know about that go way back or are brand new and do things right.

kerouac poster

Why? Because (True) Hipsterism isn’t about things. It isn’t about style. It isn’t about external. It isn’t about being cool.

It isn’t even about being environmentally responsible, or reading great poetry, or bicycling, or drinking amazing coffee, or all the great things it sometimes is about.

Why? Because it’s about a fundamental ethos: finding, searching, for one’s own truth. Being open, raw, respectful, cheerful, genuine. So it’s not about being cool: it’s about being hot: raw, foolish, excited, bold, silly, sad, caring. As Kerouac, that sad happy loner and coward and brave soul said, it’s about the ones Mad to Live.

So: the One Thing that does make you a true hipster: being yourself, marching to the beat of your own drummer, being modest about the things you deeply care about, caring about things deeply, and blowing your soul out into the room as if you’re playing a trumpet.

hipster make up

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17 Responses to “Beware! 10 Things that don’t make you a Hipster & One Thing that Does.”

  1. These people in Billyburg are nothing like the beats!

  2. @draizetrain says:

    converse are made by nike not reebok

  3. kimberlylowriter says:

    Love this! With this said, "Waylon" is a totally hipster name! 😉

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Well, cowboy, but…there's crossover, esp out here in Colorada.

  5. I was pretty sure that being Catholic makes me a hipster.

  6. Todd Wright says:

    Wait – when did anyone say we WANTED to be a hipster? I make fun of them just as much as the hippies and the clueless jackass kids, and the white-kid-gangstas, and the "DJs", and all the other people who are so insecure because of their fear. They are afraid of recognizing and accepting their own identity, so they feel the desperate need to create one and fit in, because there is safety in the herd. People try so hard to be different and thus "special" that they just end up being more the same. It all seems so absurd and pointless.

  7. oysterhalfshell says:

    And even wanting to be called a hipster takes you out of the list of truly "hipster." 🙂

  8. elephantjournal says:

    I already wittily responded to this comment on Facebook, bro. 😉

  9. elephantjournal says:

    Totally. So out it's in, like fanny packs and mullets.

  10. elephantjournal says:

    Exactly. No one has ever admitted to being a hipster who is a hipster ever. Thus, this post, outting me. I mean, them!

  11. elephantjournal says:

    Yes. Though, true hipsters don't give a shiite about labels, just do their thing. I talked with an amazing gent in Boulder recently who is not hip or accepted by hipster clientele (he's a coffee roaster, all about fair trade) but is so focused on his work and craft and ethics that his passion and caring makes him the real thing: and he wouldn't give a shiite about the label, he would not call himself one, and he is not supported by those who might, secretly, consider themselves such. That said he's the best example of a true hipster in a positive sense I've seen in a long time: caring, idiosyncratic, deeply ethical and passionate, challenging the status quo.

  12. Laura h says:

    As a ‘grandma,’ I was an OH, Original Hipster, or a scenester, as we were called in the 90s. Cue LCD Soundsystem.

  13. Allen F Mackenzie says:

    Nothing wrong with liking the new and fashionable. Better to not be in an judgmental or negative mode. Let the youth express themselves. Its their path. Offer the wisdom of more lasting values and let them choose.

  14. ugh says:

    lol, hipsters are people who want to be carbon copies of each other without seeming like they're carbon copies of each other. they're the preps of yesteryear. beat era hipsters were douchebags trying to be like black people, and hipsters today are douchebags, too.

    oh, and wearing native "headdresses" is gross. you're not native. don't wear a war bonnet.

  15. Jiovann Carrasco, MA, LPC-S says:

    This dude sounds awesome. But I wouldn't call him a hipster. I would define him by the qualities you articulated. There is nothing positive about being a hipster since nobody will claim to be one. I get the message you are trying to convey but sensationalizing positive values by putting "true" in front of a negative label seems incongruent.

  16. Mia says:

    Recently an 18 year old hipster fellow told me that it was “so hot” that I don’t shave my armpits. When I was his age, “hipster” wasn’t even a thing yet. But all of a sudden being “bohemian” and vegetarian is hot…… Whatever.

  17. @RWillis1066 says:

    YES to all of the above!