Canopy of Crickets. ~ Ann Griffin {Poem}

Via Ann Griffin
on Oct 18, 2013
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The walkway of trees will suffer

when the chill in the air has taken away

their planetary chorus,

such ascending blasts

may have been heard in symphony halls

though the chandelier of sound in the dark

along with sweet scents waft on higher and higher

tones up the sidewalk

through out the canopy of trees,

land on us as we walked by.

And the buzz resonates inside trees, inside our bodies.

All these particular reverberations gone until next summer

as leaves begin to drop their golds and reds.

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Assistant Editor: Gabriela Magana/Editor: Bryonie Wise


About Ann Griffin

Ann Griffin’s days fill not only as a caregiver for seniors, as poet and photographer, but with a newer, never before known passion as an activist for non-GMO food and food labeling and for banning hydraulic fracturing locally and Colorado statewide.


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