Divide & Conquer Nothing. ~ Mercy Hernandez

Via Mercy Hernandez
on Oct 26, 2013
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crossing contrails

We draw lines.

Lines on the city streets to control traffic. Lines in parking lots to separate cars. Lines to basically avoid day-to-day chaos.

Some semblance of order is imperative, but the lines that concern me are the imaginary ones.

Lines between countries. Lines we create to barricade ourselves from the world. Lines that divide us spiritually.

Though these delineations are not visible, they are more apparent and alienate us significantly more than the overt ones. The only lines that necessitate configuration are those rudimentary lines of communication to begin to dissolve these boundaries.

Pull others in, beyond our own zone of comfort, and make that radical division less ominous. It may not be an effortless enterprise, but what is the alternative?

Keep drawing lines, and we will continue to become entangled in more misunderstanding and discord.

It is not my style to preach, but I thought I would leap out of my own confinement to reach.

I hope I was not out of line.

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About Mercy Hernandez

Mercy Hernandez is a Cuban American living in South Florida where she works as a legal assistant and perpetual dreamer. She’s also an avid photographer, nature enthusiast, and student of yoga.


4 Responses to “Divide & Conquer Nothing. ~ Mercy Hernandez”

  1. April says:

    What kinds of lines are those in the sky?

  2. wideawake says:

    What about those lines in the sky in your photo??????? Straight up Chemtrails or the technical term; Geo-Engineering. And I thought your article was actually about waking up to this world wide crime against humanity and the planet!

  3. Guest says:

    I think she just wanted a cool cover picture…

  4. DaveTelf says:

    I too thought this would be about the ongoing chemtrail travesty/crime against humanity/the planet.

    As it is, I think I get the point of the article but can't be sure because of the lack of context and concrete examples.

    It makes me think of the guy who travels the world as a sovereign individual based on having created his own World Citizen passport.