October 29, 2013

elephant journal endorsements for Boulder City Council: Macon, Matt, Andrew, Sam and Ed. Or, Micah. Or John.

After much debate (literally, view video here and decide your vote), after bribes, angry phone calls, backroom deals and threats, elephant is officially re-endorsing incumbents Macon Cowles and Mayor Matt Appelbaum despite their stupid, ridiculous, horrible, no-good, very-bad vote to suppress Hill business and encourage more house parties on the Hill. What the hell am I talking about? Watch my video conversation with Ed Byrne, here. Or, don’t, ’cause you’re lazy and just want me to tell  you what to do. Or, don’t, because you disagree with me. Either way, vote!

I’m also endorsing Sam, Andrew and Micah: a new generation of environmentalists, leaders and business folk (and family folk generally) who can work with all of Boulder, not just those they already agree with.

Finally, Ed Byrne: he worked hard for this nomination, and he dances.

Oh, and John Gerstle: he’s my favorite.

Don’t count how many I just endorsed: it’s seven. Also, I love Dings: he’s strong on social issues. Anyway: you can only vote for five. It’s a good problem to have: we have a lot of strong citizen leaders who are psyched to serve.

PS: don’t piss off Macon. You can disagree with Matt and receive a thoughtful, respectful email back…but Macon…you’re fucked. So: he’s the kind of guy I want on my side, not the other side. So he has my endorsement and I love him and (nervous cough) he has my full support.


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