Gratitude is the Attitude. ~ Sara Camiscioni

Via Sara Camiscioni
on Oct 31, 2013
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gratitude and rust

“Gratitude is the attitude of the  day.” ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

What are you grateful for? How often are we checking in with our blessings and expressing gratitude?

From my experiences, the more we tap into a state of pure gratitude the more we unlock our capacity to love.

Thanks to my girl Gabrielle and her miraculous book, the fourth day of every week is dedicated to gratitude.

Normally, I am conscious daily and take inventory of all the blessings in my life which I am grateful for, but with Gabby’s assistance I am approaching gratitude on a whole new level. And I want to share this because yes, you all out here in this blogsphere, I am grateful for you!

The fourth day of the week (our any specific day, the tip here is pick a day and stay consistent with it in order to receive the full benefit of practicing gratitude), embrace it as a day of gratitude.

Use the affirmation, gratitude is the attitude of the day. Write it in a journal and carry it with throughout the day (literally or mentally. Or set a reminder on your phone to alert you at certain times of the day, helping you bring awareness back to the affirmation).

At the end of the day, recount events that may have triggered fear. Thoughts at work of not being good enough, negative thoughts you realized you were having towards yourself in your appearance, etc.

Now approach these negative or self limiting beliefs with gratitude, acknowledging each of them with gratitude for the new ways they are showing you to face and embrace your fears.

When we choose to look at our fears as opportunities to give gratitude and allow ourselves to choose love and gratitude over fear, we are no longer closing ourselves off to love and we are allowing ourselves to embrace and grow from our fears.

In addition to this practice of gratitude, I keep a gratitude journal next to my bed. Everyday I pause to truly tell the universe what I am grateful for. This practice instills in me a perspective of looking at all the beauty in my life and keeps me aligned with positivity.

I try to write down a variety of things or experiences I am grateful for. Somedays I simply take inventory of every day basics like “Today I am grateful for my heart, for it beats life throughout my body and propels me through this life.”

It is these subtle shifts of perspective that we are all incorporating into our daily lives that will build and result in life transformations.


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About Sara Camiscioni

Sara Camiscioni  is rewriting her story. On a spiritual journey to discover the depths of her soul, and share her wisdom with others, Sara is a proclaimed spirit junkie. When she isn’t busy cultivating a holistic approach to living in this busy world, she is dedicated to developing her practice of vinyasa yoga, weightlifting and fitness. Recognizing that our bodies are temples and the vehicles which propel us throughout life, Sara is driven to living a life which supports the interior and exterior wellbeing of her vehicle, and is inspired to share this knowledge with others. She shares these insights on her blog. Sara is a creative artist designing her world and sharing her writings, wisdoms, and teachings with others. She is finishing her Master’s in Art History where she also co-runs an art gallery, is learning to be a teacher and spreader of wisdom, while donating her time as a volunteer art director to the HALO Foundation, a non-profit which utilizes art therapy to empower at risk youth  to become contributing members of their community.


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