October 4, 2013

Happy Brother’s Day!

I have four brothers and two sisters; I am the baby of seven.

I also have two living step-brothers and one step-sister. I lost a step brother in 2003 to an undiagnosed heart condition and sleep apnea. We continue to miss him.

When I saw this Happy Brother’s Day video of three brothers creating their own holiday in celebration of their brotherhood,

I couldn’t help but think of all my brothers and the many years I’ve witnessed their playing guitar together in the living room, in the basement and in their bedrooms; how the memory of their brotherly guitar jam session still warms my heart, and stands as one of my all time favorite childhood memories.

I am proud of my brothers and feel inspired to recognize how deeply-special they are to me, and how unique too, their brotherhood is to them.

Keep singing and playing, bros.

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Ed: Sara Crolick

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