Happy Brother’s Day!

Via Krista Katrovas
on Oct 3, 2013
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I have four brothers and two sisters; I am the baby of seven.

I also have two living step-brothers and one step-sister. I lost a step brother in 2003 to an undiagnosed heart condition and sleep apnea. We continue to miss him.

When I saw this Happy Brother’s Day video of three brothers creating their own holiday in celebration of their brotherhood,

I couldn’t help but think of all my brothers and the many years I’ve witnessed their playing guitar together in the living room, in the basement and in their bedrooms; how the memory of their brotherly guitar jam session still warms my heart, and stands as one of my all time favorite childhood memories.

I am proud of my brothers and feel inspired to recognize how deeply-special they are to me, and how unique too, their brotherhood is to them.

Keep singing and playing, bros.

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About Krista Katrovas

Krista Katrovas has had over 27 articles published in nationally recognized magazines. She teaches Yoga in Prague, Czech Republic every July and calls Kalamazoo, Michigan Home, Sweet, Om, where she teaches and practices Yoga, Spirituality, Shamanism, and pursues writing. She can be reached at her website.


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