October 6, 2013

Harmony: Gandhi Said it Best.

I distinctly remember an old Elton John song from way back when called “Harmony and Me.”

The main lyrics went something like this:

“Harmony and me, we’re pretty good company, looking for an island in our boat upon the sea. Harmony, gee, I really love you, and I want to love you forever and dreams of ever being in harmony,” or something like that.

I might have fudged up the last line or two, but when I used to sing in the car, I never quite had all the lyrics down pat.

As anyone who has tried their own rendition of songs, words can get pretty muddled in the process. But the message is clear: harmony isn’t necessarily a person, as the song refers to, but a feeling of amicability, agreement, peace, friendship, cooperation, understanding, sympathy, rapport, and unity.

And, so it goes with the theme of this month of October: harmony.

It seems as though disharmonious events are being thrown into the mix one right after the other. Starting with the current governments’ serious decisions and choices, to demanding relationships and transformations of individuals and couples, all the way down to family dynamics and patterning.

Photo: Susan Drysdale on Pixoto.

Is this harmonious? It can be, if taken in the context of “change is on the way.”

This current Libra New Moon that transpired a few days ago sent shock waves throughout the world. It was quite possibly the most potent new moon of 2013, determined to uproot, blow up and reveal cracks in all relationships, and not just the pretty coupled-up ones.

Partnerships in business and love are feeling the effects of recent planetary alliances. Our current values are in the limelight. How we relate to each other is magnified right now. How we are aligning with what we say and what we do is under some major scrutiny.

Our happiness is based upon our own personal harmony—with the world, with each other, with our actions, with our words.

Gandhi said it best,

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

This peaceful soul had one poignant message after another, and so incredibly simple.

Are we living in harmony? What exactly are the moments where we can experience this feeling? Am I showing up for my closest relationships? Do my words back up my actions? As I’m examining my own patterns and behaviors with several harmonious dynamics, I’m writing down an intention list to be held accountable for by my own doing. This happens every new and full moon, yet none so pertinent than this time in my life.

And, as I write this, I have the sweetest pup sitting on my lap and showing me the value of unconditional love.

Harmony begins with love; the kind of love that you feel in your heart with zero conditions and expectations; a love so deep and so wide that nothing else has room to occupy the strongest beats of your happy zone.

Harmony is the blending of all things positive, negative, vulnerable, scary, peaceful, insightful, demanding, aligning, transforming and empathy for yourself and others. There can be no more room for disharmonious relationships.

If these exist, the Universe will show you that area of your life that has created one misaligned step after another. And, you will go in and fix it. You have to. Your relationships and connections depend on it. You have made the commitment to be here in this lifetime.

You cannot walk away with dignity unless you gave it your all. You have to continue to show up. Not just for yourself, but the oneness of our society counts on each and every one of us to clean up our messes, and forge new beginnings with newly adopted patterns of relating.

This is harmony. This is how we come to be incredible and kind human beings.

I was just walking these two awesome little pups, noticing the branches from old trees strewn about lawns, garage sales going up to clear out old baggage and remnants, people actually smiling at each other on walks, cars driving just a bit slower to allow the deer and squirrels to cross the roads safely, and a light wind blowing away the resistant pollen leftover from spring.

This all became somewhat of a metaphor for me—easing into a new beginning of seasonal changes, slowing down, lightening up, and feeling harmonious about each other and our paths.

Deep down, we can all send out vibes to each other, to those we severely care about and want to be connected to in this lifetime, and we can ensure that if we display acts of harmony, that awesome ripple effect will trickle down calmly and safely.

This is the best we can do.

If you feel in your gut that your actions and your words are in complete alignment with what you are thinking, then nothing but harmony and happiness will exist. Our relationships with each other are so critical at this moment.

Show up. Give. Expect nothing in return. Be present. Listen. Allow. And above all else, smile at one another.

This is harmony.


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