November 1, 2013

Hello, Solar Eclipse: Meet the Game-Changers of the World.

There comes a time in life where people simply stand out based on their merits of action.

These poignant souls probably have no idea they will become the “ones” who are poised to change the course of society and our world. What they seek to accomplish stems from the passion in their hearts and the outcome might even surprise and shock them along with the rest of the world.

I have no doubt their intentions are true, inspired, and are serious revelations to the masses.

This upcoming Solar Eclipse is more of a whopper than all of the previous eclipses. It happens on Sunday, November 3rd, almost around the time we “fall back” with our material clocks sitting on the nightstand and illuminating at the oven.

The grandest concept of this eclipse is the elimination of structures and authority, as it pertains to fear and control.

Now, the smallest generation is walking around witnessing their parents in a state of chaos and anxiety over how society is conducting itself and what is to come, as it relates to just about everything. We are the role models, yet the younger set is possibly our teachers. They have the inner child, the intuition, and the thought processes of thinking outside the box. We older folks could learn so much from our future generation.

This Solar Eclipse helps break down old habits, as it highlights the meaning behind shedding the old skin of every aspect of being stuck; trudging through patterns of “I can’t do it”, or “What will they think of me”, or “I gave it my best and it just didn’t work out.”

Bullshit—do more.

There is no reason to rest on your laurels in the wake of someone else’s idea of who you are and what you are here to do for the world. This is what these game-changers are all about; they calmly and humbly do their work. Whether actor, comedian, group consciousness, child, sky-watcher, even a politician (tough to find a good one in the lot!), these souls have chosen to speak their truth and shine lights on those of us who are going through the trenches of old behaviors.

With this Solar Eclipse, their message will resound further and hopefully give our current consciousness more to process, digest, be awestruck, glorify, and alter the course of the world.

More than that, society may start to balance itself, and those souls who refuse to change will be spit out and left behind.

Take a peek at who, I feel, are poignant leaders in their own right:

1. Malala Yousafzai: This young education activist from Pakistan survived the worst horror possible to any child. She was shot and left for dead, simply by speaking up regarding the importance of education for children in her country. Her elders do not believe education is to be part of their culture, as it would demean the long-held beliefs of Pakistan. She has been both fearless and controversial, and more than a hero. She is noble, heart-centered, and a new figure for humanistic efforts.

2. Wendy Davis: A democratic senator from Texas, who filibustered for 11 hours to block Senate bill five and its relation to new abortion rules in Texas. She had millions of supporters marching behind her, as her vigilant efforts to block this bill got worldly attention for women’s rights. Davis’ stance on women controlling their own bodies almost imploded the laws enacted by stoic and rigid Republican Texas political men. Despite her continued arguments against the bill that lasted well before midnight, Gov. Rick Perry ended up winning and signed the bill into law. In many eyes, she won the battle.

Let’s hope Wendy Davis will succeed as governor in 2014, and put her fresh stamp on a very conservative state. Any 50-year old woman who stands for over eight hours in running shoes always gets my vote!

3. The Comedians: Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, C.K. Lewis—all three of these men continue to make me—and everyone else in this world—laugh and ponder. With their silly antics and twisted “serious” news, it’s no wonder that people who tune into the Comedy Central network night after night are gaining more insight into the worldly madness than any supposed truthful mainstream network. To listen to these guys making more sense out of the political and social climate is reason to pause. They are bright, witty, extremely funny, inspirational, and never take themselves too seriously. So often a quote appears in my news feed from one of these comedians, and I just smile as wide as the ocean knowing that they are changing minds and warming hearts.

4. The Millennials: Often referred to as generation Y, this population born between 1982 and 2002, are the revolutionists in society today. Innovative, off-the-chain thinking, fearless, courageous, stampeding humans, who are poised to take over the baby boomer generation in retirement. These kids were born into technology therefore they had the wherewithal on how our world is being shaped and cultured. Their characteristics are changing the way we do business, both in education and at the upper level of the work force. They are the most scheduled generation of our time, great multi-taskers, and are geared towards diversity and change.

Universities are striving to meet the expectations of the millennial, as they are a whole different animal. Keep this in mind the next time you have a tendency to judge them, as their way of thinking is a true game-changer and life experience.

5. Environmental groups: From the Nature Conservancy to Defenders of Wildlife, to the World Wildlife Fund, these steadfast groups are continually seeking ways to enhance the environment by raising awareness, buying land to preserve a species of flora or fauna in critical danger, and heading off any governmental intervention that intends to destroy one standing landscape after another. Contributing your hard-earned dollars to any of these non-profit groups is more than a charitable donation write-off at tax time; it is your commitment to preserving that which is being taken away every second of every day. A little goes a long way.

If everyone would give some slight amount in either time or money to keeping these environmental groups’ efforts running, at least we know there is more hope in the preservation of our land, oceans, the rare species fighting to survive, and what Mother Nature intended. We absolutely cannot allow development to take over every inch of natural space. It would be a crime against humanity.

6. The astrologers, coaches, and healers: We need to take these people more seriously, as their intuition and guidance can affect our lives in intricate ways. Each one has an honest and sincere gift, and are they are souls willing to hedge their words on what is happening in the world from a neurological and magical sense.

Being in tune with our minds and bodies in both a cosmic way and a scientific sense is attracting humans into understanding who they are, what their purpose is, and how it affects the world. The inner child becomes ignited and explored in a subconscious way, and although scary at times, it is so necessary. More and more are flocking to the talents and wisdom of this group, as gaining a new and different perspective on your insides (as it relates to the Universe and ego) can lead us all down a purposeful path of work and relationships.

I have no doubt that there are oodles more that I have overlooked in my above compilation of game-changers (musicians, artists, poets, authors, you name it). As a baby boomer myself, I have to continually shift and settle in to new roles and worldly events with those who are showing up every minute to bring motivating and inspiring energy to the table.

My greatest task in this lifetime is to be open, be willing, be resourceful, and be mesmerized by all that I see and hear.

It is time to pay attention to the words and ideas of those revolutionizing the globe in a passionate and generous manner. Some are outspoken. Some are low-key and humble. The outcome is the same. We are all here to help, to make a difference, to understand, to believe, to create, to nurture, and to inspire.

The likelihood that “hearty” human beings, who share their abundant gifts by furthering our society, gives us faith that this upcoming Solar Eclipse of breaking down worn-out structures is a very profound step in the current Age of Aquarius.

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Ed: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Daniele Nicolucci

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