October 17, 2013

How to do Something Worthwhile with the Internet: October is Socktober.

“‘We won’t stop.’ ~ President Truman…I think.”

How do you spend your computer time?

Are you one of the 150 million people posting pictures of food on Instagram?

Are you uploading one of the 350 million photos to Facebook that are posted each day?

“Fact: the internet can be used for good or evil.”

It can also be used, believe it or not, to do something worthwhile—like help homeless people.

October is Socktober.

That’s right: 

“There are 600,000 people without a home on any given night in the United States. This October, SoulPancake and Kid President want one million people to prove that even the smallest acts of love, like donating a pair of socks, can make a big difference in the lives of the homeless!”

Did you watch that Amy Poehler video I posted earlier this week? It’s about doing something, supporting others, and remembering that we all have gifts to share—and donating a pair of socks just might be the least that we can do to help out. 

Here’s more information from SoulPancake’s Socktober website:

How to Get Involved:

Step 1. Serve the Homeless in Your Neighborhood.

Start a new sock drive! Better yet, gather up socks and other basic essentials your local shelter might need as they prepare for winter. Never connected with your local shelter? Find one here.

Step 2. Get Your Friends Involved.

This is a great project to do as a family, with your school, your workplace or your next door neighbors. You can even post this flier at your local school or distribute it in your newsletter. Set a goal. Set a deadline. Make it happen!

Step 3. Spread the Word.

Share how your community is serving the homeless by using the hashtag #socktober! We’ll help you spread the word too. We want to spread stories of love and hope all month. Make it happen on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Our mission is to get one million people involved! Your voice is vital.

Step 4. Donate the Socks!

When you’re sock drive is done, take the socks to your local homeless shelter. (Find your local shelter at here).

Step 5. Share Your Story.

Film yourself or take a photo of you dropping off the sock box and share the video on social media with the hashtag #socktober or email it to [email protected].

Want to do more?

If you’d like to make a monetary donation, we’re teaming up with a special team of volunteers in Little Rock, Arkansas to specifically help them as they work to care for the growing homeless population in their neighborhood. THE VAN is a mobile homeless care unit that takes many of life’s most basic needs out to homeless camps, alleys, under bridges, and anywhere else it can go to meet needs. Donations are made to: The One, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to meeting the needs of the growing homeless population in Arkansas. All donations to The One, Inc. are tax deductible.
Click here to donate and click here to read more about the project.

Watch Kid President’s Socktober video here and then get moving…the month is almost over!



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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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