October 5, 2013

“How we deal with thieves in Denmark.” (video)


“Did you steal my pony?”

“Yes I can’t deny it. I’m sorry. I was really drunk”

“That’s cool I know how it is”

“I thought it would be funny to have my girlfriend wake up to to a huge My Little Pony”


Top Reddit comments:

“Being civilized got things done quicker than lawsuits or even violence. This video could seriously damage my society.”

“This guy (Thomas Dambo) was actually a rapper in a group called “Odense Assholes”. It was a sort of satire group, if that makes sense. They generally wrote songs that were very hateful towards women, gays, the police etc. taking the piss on “real” rappers. They kept going and eventually they had a huge group of fans and not all of these fans could see the sarcasm or understand the underlying message. Their final gig they ended up making out with each other on the scene to shock the audience and let everyone know that it was an act all along. Quite interesting. There was a documentary film made about it all.

I don’t know if I had a point with this, but now you know. Anyways, Thomas Dambo seems like a great guy.

Edit: Obviously most of you won’t understand the lyrics, but here you can see the type of music they made.”

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