Illumination. {Poem}

Via Jyoti Wind
on Oct 26, 2013
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Heart of Light

The heart of a woman,

plied with strains of compassion

like the strings of a harp,

becomes the music

of the spheres.


Light pulses and radiates,

her cells fill,

her heart lifts,

and heaven’s door



All that is possible

in the human form,

emanates from her thoughts,

Divinity shows itself

in her face.


The rise of the feminine

mirrors the need

of our own evolution.

In filling you, woman,

there is illumination!


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Ed: Bryonie Wise



About Jyoti Wind

Jyoti Wind is an astrologer and writer. She has self-published six books: poetry, meditation and prayers; a childhood memoir; and several anthologies. Her new book, The Creative Arc: An Anthology on Writing, will be available this month, Nov. 2012. A mother, grandmother and great grandmother, she lives in Boulder, CO. You can reach her at [email protected].


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