October 24, 2013

Just Do Yoga: How to Get Out of Our Own Damn Way. ~ Alex van Frank

Do you have the ‘Princess and the Pea Syndrome’ when it comes to yoga?

Have you ever thought of any of these questions before going to class:

Where is my mat? Do I have the right mat towel to catch the slippery sweat (Oh, did I even wash it? Is it always this funky smelling? Does that mean it is defective and I need to return it? Am I going to have to send it back to the manufacturer?) Are my feet filthy? Did I eat anything that would make me rip one in the middle of class? Can they see my underwear in these pants? I can’t possibly wear the same outfit I wore the last week or last season—can I? Yoga sweat bands or hair bands? Water bottle: to ice or not?

Stop the chatter and stop the accessories! Just get on the floor right now with your bare feet—you can do this anywhere: on the sand, grass, dirt, in the water, on concrete or on a plane.

Let’s scale back from all the noise of accessories and “proper” places to do yoga. Let’s get back to the basics of feet on the ground, chin up, shoulders and chest open, deep breath in, a gentle smile and calm mind.

Take a few deep breaths then add in a forward folding bend. Inspired yet? Then add a squat (malasana), perhaps then a twisted malasana. Straighten the legs so that you’re back to standing forward bend, stand up and breathe.

And as you go through your day try to integrate yoga into your everyday movements. I like to stand in line at the grocery store in tree pose—trust me not many people will notice because they’re on their not-so-smart-phones.

When I’m doing laundry I come into half moon poses as I change the loads of laundry of the front loading washer. Lacing up my running shoes is a great time for trikonasana. If you have pets or small children you know that they are always asking you to come down and play on the floor—teach them some cat cow (marjaryasana) then for fun throw in a lion pose.

Taking yoga into your lifestyle is perhaps the best way to keep the balance in your life rather than to always worry about class times, outfits and accessories.

When you are not able to attend class as often as you like then sneaking in poses to your everyday life can be the great equalizer. So challenge yourself, everyday, to do at least one pose a day in a non traditional space (bonus points for a non-traditional clothes too).


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Assist Ed: Melissa Petty/Ed: Sara Crolick

{photo: Luba Chepurna @ creature of sunshine }

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