October 29, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 10.28.













Moon waning (dark half) transiting Leo, Virgo, and Libra this week. New Moon on 11.3 in Libra at 6:50 am CST.

[CST begins at 2am on 11.3—set your clocks back 1 hour].

This new Moon week is an intense one and highly symbolic!

Venus moves to Sagittarius on 10.30 which means we are in a time of transiting/weakened (sandhi) Venus most of this week. This transit of Venus into Sagittarius brings us some powerful forces for change within relationships—both with our Self and with others. Expect growth and new inner knowledge over the course of the next month as well as extra passion and wealth-inducing endeavors.

How will you use this information? Will deep wisdom overtake our worldly appetites or vice versa?

This week also brings with it celebration in the Vedic calendar. Some of us will be celebrating the five days of Diwali festivities—days devoted to the goddess Maha Lakshmi, goddess of abundance, and her many attributes. Three of the most important days are dedicated to Dhanvantari, Hanuman and Lakshmi—Diwali and the new moon being the most important of all.

For the United States, Dhanvantari is Thursday 10.31. This is a day of celebrating the father of Ayurveda, Lord Dhanvantari, physician to the gods and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. A day dedicated to health and wholeness, two days prior to celebrating abundance and light during Diwali, and a day of praying for longevity.

Health is the biggest form of wealth and we can use this as a powerful day for total being as well as a day to resource inner and outer balance. Moon will be transiting Virgo and moves from Uttaraphalguni to Hasta nakshatra on this day while in the 13th tithi (Trayodashi). This is very much a day that represents seeking balance on the inner and outer levels of life. Eat lightly today and follow Ayurvedic routine and guidelines. Ask Dhanvantari for tools, wisdom and the ability to take action towards health and well being.

Friday 11.1 is Hanuman Jayanti, a celebration of Lord Hanuman. (Some celebrate Kali on this day instead). Moon is in the 14th tithi (Chaturdashi) and moves from Hasta (dawning and awakening) to Chitra (divine building and planning) nakshatra.

Devote today to dharma, creating bold action steps towards actualizing your full potential and pray for the strength of Lord Hanuman today.

Diwali begins on the morning of 11.2 in the United States.

This exuberant festival of lights, and the day of Maha Lakshmi, is a powerful time of cultivation and celebration. Moon will be reaching towards its darkest, most inward point, in the 15th tithi (Amavasya) at this time and yet we celebrate the light of lights within all of us on this day. It is advised to light candles, leave a light on over night, buy new clothes, make offerings to Maha Lakshmi, eat sweets and enjoy the sweetness and abundance of life that she so generously offers us.

Wealth, prosperity (material and spiritual), as well as beauty (inner and outer) are aspects of Lakshmi that are to be honored and treasured. Make your altar dedications to her at dusk and sing your prayers and desires to her.

New Moon (+ the time change) is in the early hours of 11.3 at 06:50am CST while Moon is in Libra and Swati nakshatra. Sun and Moon are in exact degree at this time with five planets in Libra (debilitated Sun, Rahu, retrograde Mercury, exalted Saturn and transiting Moon), all in Swati nakshatra. This nakshatra is ruled by Rahu, the north node shadow planet. It’s important to strive for balance at this time (though it may feel impossible).

This new Moon on 11.3 brings a solar eclipse with it beginning at 04:05 am CST and ending at 09:28am CST.

Whereas a lunar eclipse brings shadowed intuition and intellect (feminine), solar eclipses speak to our shadowed soul and externalized power (masculine). With Sun debilitated in Libra at this time (mixed with an intense energetic dynamic of five planets in a sign that desires to resolve and restore balance), being mindful of health is essential, if not forced.

Being sensitive to our inner needs as well as compassion for others is imperative. Check in with your motives before acting and speaking. Notice where your pain body and wounds are dictating your actions and agendas. When connecting and relating to others ask yourself how you can come to the situation with boundaries, yet with willingness and acceptance. Know when to take a time out.

Meditating during the eclipse is advised.

Rahu’s shadowed and insatiable appetite and cravings are effecting almost every level of our lives right now. There may be pains and sufferings, delusions and illusions, all playing their tricks on us! Self doubt and self-destruction are having their way with us, so try to stay out of the rabbit hole and the downward spiral before it takes you too far into darkness.

The solar eclipse marks the ending of the two week period between lunar and solar eclipses—a delicate time where starting new endeavors is not advised. Now we can march forward with ideas, plans and actions! That said, the complexity of the transits can still bring us excessive mental activity and turmoil, intense cravings and addictive behaviors, as well as the need to consciously care for our physical bodies.

Ketu’s movement to Ashwini nakshatra at 03:34 am CST (just prior to the eclipse) brings healing and resources to the forefront—especially through the healing and creative arts. You can count on layers peeling off, and new light coming through.

This subtle shift pre-solar eclipse is a divine part of the cosmic plan for our increased wisdom and the longstanding desires coming to us at this time- even with all the twists and turns. Trust the process- it will be worth it!

This is an excellent time for wealth inducing yagyas dedicated to Lakshmi. (Puja.net has a wonderful Diwali yagya starting on the 3rd. You can also find an assortment of Lakshmi chants and mantras available on the site.)

Utilize my jyoti/creative arts activities as a healing & awareness tool. This week’s Jyoti/Expressive Art Therapy Creative Engagement Activity for Diwali and the week of 10.28 :::

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: You are facing the thick of it dear one! So much change and upheaval is moving you and moving through you right now. The darkness and shadows are getting pierced. Find time to be fragile and vulnerable and declare it sacred! Ask for support and it will appear.

Taurus: The lights are on, is anyone home? The stove is on, what are you cooking? The desires are strong, are they aligned with depth, dharma and the propensity to help and to heal? Pieces are returning and reminders are resurfacing. What has not yet been digested? What rocks remain in the gut?

Gemini: Oh the (same old) bad habits my dear! Obstacles and enemies are putting on a bit of a show for you. You may be distracted though and feeling ungrounded with a bit of indigestion to boot. Are you listening to your gut responses and minding your belly instincts? The way to the heart is through your gut, so listen carefully. There are some very important PM’s waiting there.

Cancer: Heartaches and heartburn. Put your hands to your chest and breathe deeply. Take time to walk barefoot and ground into the earth. Get your bearings and take root. Intuitive passions are fired up and yet vulnerable. Tend your wisdom fire and your tender inner flames.

Leo: Tenacity is blowing you about. You roar with zest and fervor. Creative juices are running through you. And yet, what is that? Uncertainty? Fear? Terror? Do us all a favor and quit fooling your Self. It’s a time of weakness and vulnerability—own it, feel it, let it come alive within you and let it transform you.

Virgo: Your courage is remarkable lately—putting focus on some of the tough, dark places, finding new ways to relate, co-create, and fiercely ask for what you need. Keep going and don’t lose your motivation for bringing your desires to life! Sing your heart songs and share them with others. Listen to the birds for inspiration.

Libra: Pulled apart and pulled in all directions. Which way are you going? Which way is up and which way is down? Shadows are dancing in you and around you, the discomfort is cutting at times. This is a time to create new steps, in a new direction—but meticulously. Be slow, creative and calculated. Resist the rush. Find your new pulse.

Scorpio: Your room of solitary confinement is getting smaller and the walls are caving in. You’ve been sharply and keenly penetrating your psyche and navigating the rocky inner terrain, yet still maintaining a powerful exterior exoskeleton. Ready to crack yet? Let your self ooze and rip the band aid off for god’s sake! We are all waiting to see what’s inside that dark, cavernous abyss.

Sagittarius: Gains are blowing you around. Is that guilt and shame or gratitude and respect? Celebrate even if it feels uncertain. Some new abundance is slowly sinking in and it is starting to feel good. The reality is you deserve it and should own it. Check in with the greed though- that need for more and more in order to feel comfort. What is the dissatisfaction that lurks?

Capricorn: Digesting > Re-digesting > Regurgitating > Restructuring > Re-solidifying = Intentional action and activation. Your creativity and passion is about to go into deep restoration as well as silent expansion, feeding and fanning your path and all your pursuits. The bag is packed and filled to the brim—why not donate some of the old and outworn to a good cause?

Aquarius: Guru is as guru does. Teach, learn, advise and honor the ways of ethics. Who is that watching you? What is that inner voice calling, beckoning? What courage it takes to sit still and listen- to all the rumblings, deceptions, and Self avoidance. Skill arises when we get humble, authentic and take responsibility for all that we are. Transparency or bust.

Pisces: Soon you will not be the same individual. You have been transforming and transcending, vulnerable in your complete overhaul. Communicating with the darkness is essential. Speak to your ghosts and shadows and ask them what they want of you. The dark portal of the past may be offering you haunts and insecurities, yet there is a soft landing pad available for you as well. Use it.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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