October 13, 2013

$$$ Calculator: Here’s how to Instantly Make your Problems Disappear!

46 per cent global wealth owned by richest 1 per cent: Credit Suisse (profit.ndtv.com)

Make your First World Problems of the Day Disappear!

With this fun, handy bit of context. Perspective? Wow.

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Relephant discussion:

Well, it’s all relative to where you are. You could very well be comfortable in Ghana with less money than it takes to pay rent with near New York.


Not at all. You won’t starve, but that’s about it.

24 hour electricity, good access to a great healthcare system(not that the doctors are bad, but the infrastructure is), internet access is a chore, and you live about 5 years in the past when it comes to technology.


do you get healthcare on minimum wage in the USA?


Be thankful for what you have. The underdeveloped world does not even need healthcare because they are doubtful if they would live beyond the day.

Things to be thankful for.

  1. Drinking water
  2. Sanitation
  3. Emergency care (you won’t bleed to death.)
  4. Cheap food
  5. Almost universal access to knowledge (free public libraries, cheap fast reliable internet)

I could go on.


The Economist runs their own PPP index based on Big Macs, which usually rely on local inputs and local labor. It’s an interesting take and they use it to point out potential currency inflation.



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