October 15, 2013

Meditate on Being a Fly Girl. ~ Maggie Marie Genthner

Do you feel stuck?

Meditate on this:

My vernacular is pretty intense for the average Joe; thankfully, I found “my people.”

I spend long hours chatting with them over cups of Chai tea, espousing the true meaning of “dropping into one’s heart,” the changing roles of the masculine and feminine in the new paradigm or the mysterious nature and opportunities that occur when we align ourselves with our path.

I don’t have to pretend with my friends—I can just be my self, which is sometimes weird, sometimes avant-garde, but always pretty darn sweet.

On the outside I might make some people pity me: I chose not to marry; I spent one semester in film school only to drop out: and then, I found myself at a Tibetan Buddhist University studying Contemplative Psychology and Creative Writing, while simultaneously becoming a frequent member of my local yoga studio and chasing my dream of traveling the world by practicing and sharing what I love, yoga.

Now, I am home in Kentucky (homegrown local mountain girl daughter of a Buddhist teacher, it doesn’t get anymore ironic), because of a few adversities that have been humbling, difficult at times, (I love travel—I wanna rock your Gypsy Soul, Van Morrison) but immensely healing because I am starting to see so many people on the path to awakening.

I am fortunate to  paint my life with optimism and richness; also, I am so very blessed, considering it has been pretty thorny for the past few years. I have experienced suffering and pain. The dark nights of the soul suffered with evil in the form of toxic encounters. I found that the tools I picked up in my life with my countless hours surrounded by meditation practitioners and mindfulness saved me. Saved me not from a society that is imperfect, but from my own mind, and what I have done with those experiences.

And, now I plan to create a better world for myself and for the children I want to have.

Gandhi’s potent message of “Be The Change You Wish to See in The World” continues to ring in my ears. But my heart begins to sink and break when I see so many leaders not living up to their ideals.

Having seen transformation first hand, as a yoga teacher, I know we all have the power to make our own lives and  others’  better, and happier when we realize that we are imperfect: when we see that having self-control married to love creates amazing unifying forces of people hood.

To change myself, which is really the only thing that I can work on, means finding the place in me that can connect to all people.

The paradox we work with as living, sensitive beings is having compassion for the insanity while being inspired by the humanity.

I am going to take a huge leap of faith and say that this also involves inviting some ridiculousness into our lives, to bring us into a place where we can forgive, create, envision and imagine. As of late, my inspiration admittedly has not been an iconic figure of goodness, but the deliciousness of movement and fun.

People who we barely know about, who lived artful lives, while also being kind.

I receive great ecstasy from imaging the mystic poet Mirabai running wildly through the streets singing to the Lord, yet modern day versions of this are few and far between.

Although, I am going to go out on a limb and say The Fly Girls exemplify a quality that remains juicy that I am asking for us all as change-makers to drop into while we navigate our paths.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about,The Fly Girls were a dance troupe in the 90’s on a TV show called In Living Color. They grooved to choreographed routines, and wore colorful outfits.

So, what can the Fly Girls teach us about being a force to be reckoned with, a whirlwind of compassionate cataclysmic change, or in other words a Fly Girl in the world?

Well, to start:

  1. Dance like no one is watching and you will sync up with like minds—this is called synchronicity, when people see this happening for you, they will be amazed and will want to know how they too can align themselves to the great mystery.
  2. Wear colorful outfits; it will help you stand out. Be your own brand and flavor that change with your moods. People will find this energizing and refreshing.
  3. When you have found your people; groove with them. Realize that this is the gift you are here to bring, anything else is just coming from your ego and the shadow aspect that makes you think the world needs you to change it. You change and then people around you change, and then the world changes.
  4. Remember fun. Sometimes on the path we get so serious that we lose the fun. We think that being mindful means being rigid and always aware. Do not confuse mindfulness with hyper vigilance, hyper vigilance comes from anxiety which blocks our ability to think creatively.
  5. Take time to be still and quiet, but also Move! Move! Move! and find your peace of mind in laughter as well as dialogue. Don’t be afraid to break free and appear foolish as all cool and revolutionary things have their moments where they appear awkward or weird.

Maybe, your heart wants to:  start a revolutionary healthcare movement; make a movie that shifts our awareness; create entrees that bring more deliciousness to people’s appetite or conscious companies that bring more peace and jobs?

At the end of the day, do what you love, dance, be aware, be kind and ask how many lives have you touched just by being your happy and in-the-flow self.


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