October 15, 2013

Response to Dave Ramsey’s “Math” That Explains the Affordable Care Act to Democrats & Republicans.

Oh, Dave Ramsey.

I’m so thankful that I actually took the time to watch that video that some of my Facebook friends are sharing the crap out of because now I know how stupid it is.

Simple “math,” huh?

According to Ramsey, he’s figured out in a completely non-biased way using math that the Affordable Care Act is “communism.”

“You’re not exempt from math if you’re a Republican, and you’re not exempt from math if you’re a Democrat…You have to pull your head far enough out of your politics to actually have an original thought,” he says. Sounds great, right?

I continued to watch and, like this blog suggests.

“Initially, I was pleased to see that he began the segment stating that math is important, and that it doesn’t change whether you’re a conservative, liberal, Republican, or Democrat.  And then, I waited for the math…

I’m still waiting.”

But, hang on. This is a non-biased, judgment-free zone, for everyone to gather the “facts” on the Affordable Care Act.

“Dave Ramsey’s not a Republican, you say?  What a lark—what an absolute laugh!  The man begins by using liberal and socialist as synonyms, and ends by complaining that the Affordable Care Act amounts to communism.  But that’s fine, I won’t kill the guy for his political stripes—it’s just frustrating that he puts on this façade of neutrality when it’s clear to which camp he really belongs.”

Not to mention the fact that I have yet to see a non-Republican leaning friend on Facebook or Republican-themed website share this as such an “awesome” link that we all need to watch.

I won’t be sharing the original video with you, because I think it’s crap, but trust me that you can easily find it yourself. If you’re lucky, though, this won’t keep popping up in your Facebook newsfeed pretending to be the answer we’ve all been looking for.

After all, I’m sure that he can “help people save money by telling people to save money, but that’s about it.  Beyond that, I would certainly be careful about taking his financial advice to heart…I mean, he can’t even do math.”



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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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