Stealing Time Back. ~ Garni Sohrabian {Poem}

Via Garni Sohrabian
on Oct 8, 2013
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once upon a time, before clocks told the time

not yet tomorrow, after yesterday
the time is now, the day today

the clockmaker made a big noisy clock
strange it was and said tick tock tick tock

the time bandit, one noisy day
heard so much noise he could not play

he broke the clock to be free
and made it look like infinity


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Assistant Ed: Karissa Ostheimer/Ed: Bryonie Wise


About Garni Sohrabian

Garni Sohrabian started a shoe company with a friend right after college. It grew into into nineteen countries and everyone thought he had it all on the outside, but deep inside something was missing. After seven years, the itch could no longer be ignored. So he scratched it…he sold his ownership in the shoe company to travel, write, and do some soul searching. After finally finding his soul again, he started tiny time machines with his fellow time bandit friend Armen Mahdessian. Now they break clocks and remind people to be here now. Or as they call it, “steal time back” from the clockmaker!


2 Responses to “Stealing Time Back. ~ Garni Sohrabian {Poem}”

  1. Sahar Rezvani says:

    I loved it!!!!