The Best of Our Recent Graduate Apprentices.

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on Oct 18, 2013
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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—part of what keeps elephant alive and moving is the dedication and love invested by our apprentices.

We truly couldn’t do what we do without them.

For four to six months, they spend every waking (and sleeping) hour editing, sharing articles and generally spreading elephant love near and far—and for them, we are truly grateful.

To each of you (Steph Richard, Dana Gornall, Renee Picard, Stephanie Sefton, Julie Garcia, Tawny Sanabria, Dejah Beaucamp, Kristina Peterson, Cat Beekmans, Gabriela Magna, Judith Andersson, Leace Hughes, Linda Jockers, Moira Madden, Bruce Casteel, Ben Neal, Meagan Edmondson, Andie Britton-Foster, Katharine Spano and Jade Belzberg), we thank you from the tips of our trunks to the tops of our tails.

Without further ado, the best of our recent graduates:

Judith Andersson, Stand Your Ground. 

Dejah Beaucamp, We Are All the Dust of Stars. 

Cat Beekmans, Read This & Instantly Quit Smoking.

Jade Belzberg, Confessions of a Skype Addict (& How to Nurture Long Distance Relationships).

Andie Britton-Foster, Touch Me Baby! 

Meagan Edmondson, The Most Beautiful Death. 

Julie Garcia, Don’t Let Me Forget.

Dana Gornall, Lose Your Mojo & Get it Back.

Leace Hughes, The Importance of Human Connection. 

Moira Madden, I Want to be Friends.

Gabbi Magna, The Secret Life of Elephants.

Ben Neal, The Truth About “True Love.”

Kristina Peterson, Will You Join Me in Boycotting Paparazzi Culture?

Renee Picard, Why it’s Okay to Take a Slow Heart Day.

Steph Richard, Yoga, You Disappoint Me. 

Tawny Sanabria, 10 Ways to Say “I Love You” Without Words.

Stephanie Sefton, Smacked with a Huge Dose of Karma. 

Katharine Spano, Raising My Son (Who is Raising Me).

Thank you, Manatees, for all giving so much, with love and appreciation: Sara Crolick, Bryonie Wise, Lindsey Block and Waylon Lewis.

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4 Responses to “The Best of Our Recent Graduate Apprentices.”

  1. DaveTelf says:

    huzzah! bravo! onward, upward!

  2. @DanaGornall says:

    <3 love all of you

  3. Gerry Ellen says:

    Thank you all for the work you do! What an inspiring group of people 🙂