The End of the Length. ~ Nyleen Lacy {Poem}

Via Nyleen Lacy
on Oct 3, 2013
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172/365  I Want to See the World

At the end of the length of my arm

Lies the whole world.

Ringing, alarming, notifying


The end of the length of my arm brings me


And inspirations

And work

And news

Of friends

Of strangers

Of enemies


The end of the length of my arm takes me

From here

From now

From myself.


At the end of the length of my arm,

Also my hand.


Made out of myself


That I need for




And making news


For eons, the end of the length of our arms

The whole world



To choose to unite

To keep the balance


The only challenge




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Assist Ed: Laura Ashworth/Ed: Sara Crolick


About Nyleen Lacy

The most invigorating air Nyleen breathes is wonderment, and so she chases it in all its many forms. Because of that, she is a teacher and an Orthodox Christian. She lives in the wholesome, good-hearted middle states, but she likes to leave sometimes. While she is there, she teaches, reads, writes, chats, sings, laughs, cries, loves and quaffs hot drinks. Even in the summer. More of her work can be seen at Mulling Spices. She can be reached on Twitter at @tweetingny or at [email protected].


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