October 5, 2013

Xcel spends $300K on Local Ad Buy. Actual Locals have spent $16K. How does the “Local” Paper report it?

Via @waylonlewis on Instagram: “Shame on you, Xcel. #bouldercolorado already voted. You’re the one burying Boulder in an ad buy financed by the profits you make off of our bills.”

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Daily Camera & the Tyranny of False Balance in Corporate “Journalism.”

I used to love the Daily Camera. I still do.

I grew up with it. While I don’t read it anymore, much, I still like it and appreciate its voice, role, videos, extensive coverage and hard-working editors and writers.

But things like this make me want to step reading it. Stories like this don’t make me feel that it’s “my” “local” “journalism” “worth my time.”

From today’s Front Page of The Daily Camera:

“Both sides turn to TV spots in Boulder utility fight.”

On the front page. And the actual numbers are buried on 2A. The first full page of the article focuses on Pulling-Profits-Out-of-State Big Money’s deceptive ad (and this whole campaign was created by Xcel out of thin air two years after losing the vote when the citizens of Boulder voted to move forward with municipalization—freeing Boulder to green its energy supply if it can do so at same or lower costs, in a stable manner).

Only later in the Daily Camera’s article, regarding the Local/Green/Robin Hood side of the fence: “The videos are being put together with volunteer labor, keeping costs low.”

$300K (from Xcel alone). $17K. Same thing, right?

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