November 8, 2013

7 Beliefs Worth Having. ~ Jennifer Twardowski

A few weeks ago I went to a local meet up.

It was one of those simple pretty laid back meetups with no agenda.

It wasn’t so much a class, but a group where a topic for self-development is brought up each week and then discussed among people who attend.

The topic for the week of this particular discussion was beliefs. We focused on the idea that by having certain beliefs in our lives we limit our own growth.

Though things like religious or political beliefs can easily be recognized, there are many internal beliefs that we have that many of us are not consciously aware of. Many of us have beliefs like “I will never be good enough,” “I’ll never find a partner right for me,” “I’m not pretty enough,” “bad things always happen to me,” “People are ridiculous,” or “I shouldn’t pay for a massage because its too expensive.”

Because there are so many beliefs that we have hard-wired in our minds, many of us fall into this place of “no beliefs are worth having.”

Well, there is a little problem with this.

There’s a reason we had those beliefs to begin with: it gave us a foundation. It provided us with something solid to build ourselves from. When we push ourselves to have no beliefs at all, then we may find ourselves confused and off balance.

Here are seven non-limiting beliefs to provide you with a solid foundation for self-development.

Everything in the world is constantly evolving. Nothing ever stays the same in this world. Just as the seasons change, so do people, places, and things. We cannot stop it or control it, but rather move with the flow of this natural evolution.

Nothing in this world is absolute. People die, relationships end, and we discover that what we thought works actually causes more problems than it solves. The universe will change and adjust as we do. It is conscious and has a “mind” of its own. Just when we think we know something, the universe shifts to prove nothing that we think to be true is absolute.

The world is filled with endless possibilities for creation. Simply, if we believe that anything is possible then nothing actually is impossible. If we believe nothing is impossible, then we create the mindset needed to create the seemingly impossible.

We are always supported. Completely taking away the possible religious or spiritual beliefs and putting them aside, if we believe that the universe will always support us then it releases any fear we may have of doing something.  If we believe that we can jump and something is there to catch us, then it makes it easier for us to jump.

We deserve the life of our dreams. If we believe that we deserve everything that we’ve ever dreamed of then we hold no limitations on actually making that a reality.

We are happiness, joy, and love. If we believe that we and everyone in this world at the deepest core of their being is happiness, joy, and love already then we allow that to not only emerge within us but in others as well.

Heaven is a place on earth. Yes I know this probably sounds super cheesy, but its a belief worth having. When we believe heaven is already right here on earth right now then we can actually create and make it seen to more people.


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Asst. Editor: Renee Picard

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