A Different Kind of Fish Tale; Inspirational & Oh So Heartwarming. ~ Laura Kutney {Video}

Via Laura Kutney
on Nov 22, 2013
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The best discovery ever made by Einstein—oops, I meant for Einstein.

Einstein, a pet fantailed goldfish, faced a drastic problem of not staying afloat with his dorsal fin up, and was in major trouble.

Einstein2As his tank-mates swam around normally, Einstein floundered about, struggling due to buoyancy problems. The situation was grim as the swim bladders located in his back, which kept him right-side-up, were no longer working properly. Einstein was sinking fast and was one sick fishy.

Most of us have heard the stories of those who untangled a whale from a fishing net, or made a prosthetic device for a dolphin’s tale. And who can forget Willy, the whale who was set free and featured in the movie Free Willy?

But how many have ever heard of someone who has so much compassion that they saved an ailing goldfish? A humble unsung hero who cares about the smallest of Mother Earth’s living creatures?

Well, let’s sing—I have found that person!

Einstein5Enter Einstein’s owner, Leighton Naylor, who was distraught that his star trick-performing fish was failing.

Leighton was quoted as saying, “He sank to the bottom, stuck on his side, and couldn’t go any further. He just looked depressed, the poor fish. I was heartbroken. I thought, I’m going to have to do something about this.” And he did.

Leighton went above and beyond what most fish guardians would have done—he set out to design a flotation device to keep Einstein swimming normally.

Leighton, a warehouse worker from England, lovingly designed a life-jacket of sorts for Einstein out of adjustable tubing. It took some time and testing, but he finished the tiny harness in just three hours and it works splendidly!

Thanks to the mini life vest, Einstein can now swim with the best of them.

Leighton said, “People have said I’m crazy, but every animal is a valued family member, and I do my best to help every one of them. I’ve tried to train all of my fish, but Einstein’s my star pupil. He can swim through my fingers and he was getting into fish football when he fell sick.”

No, Leighton, you are definitely not crazy. In fact, you are an inspiration. This planet needs more compassionate people like you who are willing to help the smallest and most helpless creatures of this world.

May Einstein swim long and prosper, learn new tricks and enjoy the full, handi-abled life that you have given him.


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