November 6, 2013

A Pure Vibration of the Heart. ~ Melissa Denuzzo

“Where do you wanna go?” he asked. After a long and almost-uncomfortable moment of silence, he continued, “You can go anywhere you want. Anywhere you can think of…or, I could tell you where I’m going and let me know if you want to come.”

Words didn’t come out of my mouth, but my smile and body language said it all.

I don’t know what I want, but I know I’m looking for something. I hope you can help me find it.

He continued.

“Tomorrow morning I’ll leave this rainy city for a place of sun and water. There will be family – people you don’t know are family yet. There will be healing, fun, music, art and everything else your heart needs to vibrate at its purest frequency. It is a place of places. A place like no other. When you get there you will forget you had never been there before. Time will do its dance of nonlinear waves and you will feel like you were both born and deceased there.”

He took a deep inhale.

“I can give you your answer because I already know you are going to say yes. I know you’re going to say yes because we are already on our way. You started your trip before we met, and whether you know it or not, I am simply the next guide on your path.”

I placed my arms around him and allowed myself to be embraced. In this brief yet intense exchange of energy, I could feel the sides of my lips rise and the thoughts in my mind ease. I had arrived. I knew I was here—the place I was supposed to be.

I fluttered my eyes open, I saw…pure artistry. I walked down a paved street between two endless grass fields, taking in the beauty of the sights. To my right was a city built of tents, sheets, umbrellas and clear teamwork. Each person had dirt all over their feet, dust in their hair and gorgeous smiles on their faces. Their costumes were indescribably beautiful. Feathers, colors, ruffles, lace, silk … everything exquisite. On my left were buses people had clearly lived in their whole lives. They got it. They knew what it was to live.

I continued to walk I was struck by a sense of comfort. Then, I saw the sign; “Living Room.” I walked towards this place of clear comfort and coziness without any hesitation or thought. I found a place amongst the other people, sitting at a low table with a cup of tea in front of me. With a sip, I felt at home. It was the living room after all.

A few cups in, I started to feel the overwhelming sensation of a hug trickling up my back. I was melting into the biggest, warmest arms, even though there wasn’t a soul behind me. They were all beside me and in front of me. We had conversation as if we had known each other for many lives and were old friends. We hugged like we had hugged moments earlier. And we laughed as if we were children again. Were we? No one knew. As I basked in this moment and the company of my best friends, I noticed the details of this place. I loved it.

For the next week, I simply allowed life to happen. I tried to take in everything I possibly could; the learning, dancing, pleasure, and thrills. But when it had to finish, it simply did.

“This isn’t the end. I’ve shared the same energy with you for lifetimes. This is not your end. This is now your new life. You’ll forever be this new person. You’ve allowed yourself to evolve and grow. You will forever be changed and I will forever love you,” he told as he dropped me off.

I knew I would never see him again, not in my waking life. I was ok with that. The person I had become was ok with that.

This was my beautiful symbiosis experience. This is how a fantastic music festival affected my life, created gorgeous memories and helped break me from a cocoon I was unaware was surrounding me.

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Asst. Ed: Zenna James/Ed: Bryonie Wise

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