Breath. ~ Yahia Lababidi {Poem)

Via Yahia Lababidi
on Nov 2, 2013
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nature stretch

Beneath the intricate network of noise

there’s a still more persistent tapestry

woven of whispers, murmurs and chants


It’s the heaving breath of the very earth

carrying along the prayer of all things:

trees, ants, stones, creeks and mountains alike


All giving silent thanks and remembrance

each moment, as a tug on a rosary bead

while we hurry past, heedless of the mysteries


And, yet, every secret wants to be told

every shy creature to approach and trust us

if we patiently listen, with all our senses.


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Ed: Dana Gornall



About Yahia Lababidi

Yahia Lababidi, an Egyptian-American thinker and poet, is the author of 5 books in 4 genres.  His latest, is “Barely There,” a new collection of short poems that touch on the life of the spirit.  Lababidi has been featured on NPR, Al Jazeera and in The Guardian.  For more information, please visit his author bio on Amazon for more information.


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