November 14, 2013

Can Stress Actually Kill Us? ~ Paige Vignola {Video}

For some reason people seem to believe that they thrive on a fast paced, high stress environment.

Admittedly, not everyone feels this way, but when I look around me at the people I know (and at the people I don’t) rushing through their lives, hurrying from place to place, overbooking and over scheduling—-yes, this applies to yoga instructors as well who have a tendency to teach as many classes a week as is humanly possible, even though that action itself wears us down—-I can’t help but wonder why.

So, the question arises: Can stress actually kill us?

The folks at ASAP Science have addressed this specific issue and have discovered some interesting results.

But here’s the good news is: love and companionship can be the cure for all that ails us.

Three cheers for Oxytocin!

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