November 3, 2013

Fall Back into Now.

Will we ever have inner change with the time change?

Our smart gadgets are self-correcting, so we can no longer claim forgetfulness.

We cannot enjoy that slow fuzzy state of sleepiness in between the old time on the stove’s clock and what we know is supposed to be the new time—a mini jet-lag without losing our luggage, so we wake up with our things, having access to our toothbrush and clean panties. As much as we hate to lose our luggage, there is something adventurous about having to deal with landing in a new place, unencumbered.

Not anymore, we’ve arrived in the now  without self-correcting ourselves thanks to the silent work of our gadgets.

We are no longer encouraged to get lost in that grey space between time changes. We become more like a machine, than a spiritual being having a human experience.

Instead, let’s allow ourselves that sleep-dust-in-our-eyes moment of not knowing the time.

No matter the sweet work of our insidious smart gadgets—we fall back—so let’s enjoy that falling back, preferably back into our beds. (Without the gadget—leave it in that bag of Halloween candy on the kitchen counter.)

Go ahead, crawl into that cave of blankets. Go within. Pull the covers over your head. Rest your eyes from digital images. Refocus on your own inner vision. Quiet your minds, especially those thoughts of do-more, be-more and try-more. Forget about more. Just be. Now.


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 Ed: Sara Crolick

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