November 11, 2013

Hurray! Mercury Retrograde is Over: 10 Things To Do Immediately.

Relephant: “Just ’cause it was Mercury Retrograde was no excuse for you to be an XXXX to me.”

Ok—I warned you about the evil plot to make your life go crazy (aka Mercury Retrograde). Now that it’s finally over, hopefully some of you took my advice and fared very well. But others of you may have encountered some problems and now have to do a little damage control.

If so, I think I can be of help.

In my 35 years of experience as an astrologer, I’ve found that there are two types of people: those who take Mercury retrograde seriously and those who don’t. Be honest: Which group do you belong to?

Regardless, of whether you were a believer or a skeptic, you may have experienced some problems from actions you took during the retrograde period.

These past three weeks were a horrible time to make purchases, sign agreements and make commitments. Some of you did anyway. One of you wrote me and said, “I was sure the new computer I bought was covered for all defects, which is why I didn’t buy the warrantee. I can’t believe it broke down a week after I purchased it. Now I’m having a dispute with the store because they say it’s my responsibility to pay the cost to repair it.”

One of you wrote and said, “Screw Mercury retrograde. I do what I want to do, so I accepted a new job. How was I to know that my boss turned out to be a wolf in lamb’s clothing.”

Another person took a spontaneous vacation during this time, and confessed that she spent the first half-day of her vacation at the airport “lost and found.” Then her challenging vacation continued when she unexpectedly slipped on a banana peel left on the pool deck causing her to hobble for the first three days.

One man ignored my advice not to buy gifts during Mercury Retrograde. He found a great sale, and bought his new girlfriend a beautiful dress he was sure she’d love. He didn’t know that a wool dress would cause her to itch and breakout in hives. Worse, when he tried to bring the dress back, he was told: “all sales were final.”

A friend told me that one of his salespeople said: “Hey…I don’t care what this Schwimmer guy says about ‘not trying to close a sale during Mercury Retrograde.’ Nothing stops a great salesman from closing a deal. I think it’s just a big coincidence that I haven’t closed one sale over these past three weeks.”

Hopefully, you’ve learned a few lessons about how to better navigate through the retrograde period. But the good news is—now that it’s over there are some things you should do to take advantage of Mercury being direct.

1. Resolve any miscommunications or arguments. 

It’s not the mistakes you make in life, it’s how you clean them up when you make them. If you’ve yelled at your child, misspoken to a loved one, or had a heated argument with a colleague or boss, Mercury direct is the perfect time to discuss your differences, apologize and be forgiven (or forgive someone else). You’ll have the mental clarity to clearly express yourself and come to a new understanding that will patch up any upsets.

2. Shop ‘til you drop.

Ok, I don’t mean this literally. But this is the perfect time to reconsider the things you wanted but didn’t buy during Mercury Retrograde. If they make sense now, buy them. You’ll realize that some of the items you wanted to purchase really don’t suit you, now that you have all your “marbles back.”  If you’re ready to buy that expensive suit you coveted, you may discover that it just went on sale. Or, go ahead and buy that flashy sports car you’ve been admiring over the past several weeks. When you return to the showroom, you’ll find the car salesperson so happy to see you, he’ll hug you like you’re his rich uncle.

After he’s given you his best price, you’ll purchase your car with the confidence that you’re getting a great deal that won’t be a “lemon.

3. Assess what you’ve learned.

One of the purposes of Mercury Retrograde is to get you to slow down, reflect and re-evaluate all that’s going on in your life. If you did, you’re now more conscious of changes you can make to improve it. With that in mind, make a list of:  people you’ve had questions about, projects you considered starting, and activities you were contemplating. What have you learned about them that you didn’t know three weeks ago? The new knowledge that comes to light will help you make needed changes and more successful decisions.

4. Initiate new (and re-initiate old) contacts.  

When you meet a new client or even a new love interest during Mercury Retrograde, there’s a high likelihood of bad timing and miscommunications that could hamper an otherwise promising relationship. For example, going out on new dates is problematic. You find yourself meeting someone you like, who’s not quite over their last relationship—or you turn the other person off because you start kvetching about how bad your last marriage was.  When I was single, if a friend offered to fix me up with someone new, I always waited to contact that person when Mercury went direct because it was a much more fortuitous time for a successful romantic connection.

5. Re-approach people who turned down your request.

Follow-up with that customer that turned you down, during Mercury Retrograde and gave the business to your competitor. You may find out that he’s unhappy with the service he’s getting and is open to doing business with you.

On a personal level, you may find that the spouse who said, “No,” to that extravagant “around-the-world cruise” will now say, “Yes.”

6. Make important decisions.

During the retrograde you were evaluating areas of your life where you needed to make decisions. You may have discovered errors, mistakes and learned some useful information. You now have the facts and are ready to implement your new project; or buy that piece of real estate; or select a new accountant to do your taxes.

7. Accept the job opportunity or start the new job now.  

Any confusion about your job options is gone. The fog has lifted and your vision is clear. You’re now able to evaluate the pros and cons of any employment opportunity and chose the one that will be right for you.

When Mercury is direct, it’s a positive time to begin a new job because you’ll be communicating clearly without any of the confusion that causes misunderstandings between people or bad first impressions.

8. Take your vacation. 

If you’ve used the retrograde wisely, rather than book your trip with a travel agent, you held off. Instead, you did your own research, made some inquiries and found some people who’ve just returned from your holiday destination. They’ve informed you that the hotel, you chose is not a good choice because it’s now under a noisy renovation. You still have time to book the charming villa they recommended. With Mercury direct, you won’t experience the usual delays, inconveniences and accidents that occur during the retrograde.

You’re going to have a wonderful vacation where you can have fun instead of frustration.

9. Search for any lost items.

Make a list of any items you’ve lost recently, or even months, or years ago. Think back to where and when you lost the item. Mentally, you’re as sharp as a tack; with a mind so clear you’re able to recalls details you had long forgotten. You’ll think of new place you’ve never looked before. Or, you may suddenly remember someone you should call who could help you recover what you’ve lost.

10. Make a new roommate selection or move in with someone you already know.

When you meet new people during the retrograde there is often miscommunication and misunderstanding in the matters you discuss with them. This may include dishonesty. There is something you don’t know that you will when Mercury goes direct. Now you can depend on the facts a new roommate gives you. The information you learn about them will be more accurate and reliable. This will help you make a more informed decision about whether you’d be compatible and enjoy living together.

Enjoy this period of sanity when the world is no longer going haywire.


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