Mercury In Retrograde. ~ Lissette Schuster

Via Lissette Schuster
on Nov 2, 2013
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mercury ret video scr shot

Mercury is currently retrograding, which is a stressful, and confusing time for some more than others.

I am one of those others. Seriously, every time Mercury retrogrades, a hard drive crashes, a computer breaks, some miscommunication happens. But of course, one cannot delay life just because Mercury is retrograding—maybe just electronic purchases?

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About Lissette Schuster

Lissette Schuster is a redheaded filmmaker based out of her hometown of Los Angeles. She writes, directs, edits, produces, and acts in primarily web-based content; most notably producing for the Top 20 YouTube channel FreddieW/Rocket Jump, which currently has almost 6 million subscribers, as well as writing, and directing original content for her own YouTube channel.


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