December 17, 2013

5 Ways to Boost Consciousness Using ‘I’ Language Yoga ~ Aaron Watson

My thoughts have the power to manifest my reality.

When I start owning all the different parts of me, I find that I have the ability to change my world simply by changing myself. 

By transforming my language, I transform the energy behind my words and thoughts, and this transformation ripples out into my world. ‘I’ language yoga is a technique that involves translating various pronouns and nouns that I encounter into nouns of ownership, namely, ‘me’, ‘myself, or ‘I’.

Here are five examples of how I boost my consciousness by translating the words of my world into ‘I’ language:

1) Stop calling myself ‘You’ in my inner dialogue.

When I call myself ‘you’ in my inner dialogue, I reveal separation within myself.  Even when I say something nice to myself like “Body, you are awesome!” the ‘you’ reveals separation in my being. Otherwise I would have said “My body is awesome” or “My awesome body” to myself. See what I mean? When I stop calling myself ‘you’ and instead call myself ‘me’, then I make the subtle yet powerful choice of joining myself rather than separating myself. This joining is a true act of healing.

2) Translate my blogs, emails and journals.

After coming into ‘I’ language consciousness, I went back to my old emails, blogs and journals to see what the translations would reveal. Wow, was I surprised! I noticed a common theme. I used a lot of ‘we’ statements like “we are divided and need to reconnect”, “we just need to meditate and do yoga to heal”, etc. I realize now that I was hiding behind the collective ‘we’. It was like I was saying that I needed everyone to change before anything would happen. I wasn’t owning that I needed to change! I was stepping onto a soapbox of ‘you’ and ‘we’ when really I was talking about ‘me’. Now that I have done the work of translating my own personal thoughts, I no longer repeat the same dividing and defeating language patterns.

3) Translate my social media content.

More often than not, the judgments I have about my world are really meant about me. Translating my Facebook newsfeed creates a very strange and revealing world indeed. Not only do I see what is really going on with my friends, but I can look at my own judgments that arise within me. Every time I say “That’s lame” in my head, I’m really saying that I, myself, am lame. Translating the words of my social media into ‘I’ language changes my energy and makes me less vulnerable to being emotionally triggered. Give it a try and see what comes up!

4) Translate self-help advice.

Ah, advice. Advice is defined as: “an opinion or suggestion about what someone should do – usually given by someone with knowledge or authority”. These days, I see so much self-help advice. I have found that most of the advice I give people is wisdom that is really meant for me. I am learning to give less advice, as in “you should do this”, and instead, tell my own experience, as in “I find that this helps me.”When I tell people what they should do, I create inequality and dependency, and ultimately take away people’s power, just to feed my own ego trip!

When I speak from first-hand experience, I allow other people to choose if my way works for them. This is an act of people empowering themselves. Translating advice into ‘I’ language is a true act of empowerment and healing.

5) Translate the Bible.

For me, the Bible is a powerful translation. The Bible is one of the most popular and widely circulated books available. Believers and non-believers alike can unlock the potent secret messages of the Bible using the ‘I’ language yoga technique. I see the Bible as a metaphor for the separation between my divine self (Jesus, God) and my ego self (man). ‘I’ language is the tool I use to merge this separation within myself. When I change words like ‘God’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Lord’, ‘Him’, etc. into ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘myself’, then I literally join myself with my divine self. This is the definition of enlightenment; this is the definition of healing. My language tool is the key that unlocks my access to my divine self! But be careful! If I am God, then I am also Satan, because I am both the good and bad and everything in between. I am all of it—I am all me.

This is the work, this is the yoga. The more translations I do, the more balanced in my world I become. And like yoga, or a good work out, this work can be difficult at times. But as I persevere and practice, I become stronger and the work becomes easier and more fluid.

This is my message of self-empowerment. If it resonates, then put the technique into practice and see if your world is also transformed!


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