December 13, 2013

Beauty is Only Pixel Deep. {Photos}

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East Carolina University photography student Anna Hill taught herself Photoshop at the age of 14.

As a result, she says she can see exactly how models in ads and magazines have been altered. While she may be aware of this, many are not.

Even those of us who know that nearly all commercial images we see has been altered in some way, we often don’t know just how extreme it can be. In order to show the extent that some advertisers and magazine editors take, Hill created a series of four mock ads featuring herself.

The results are both darkly funny and provocative. They also show just how futile it can be to pursue the sort of perfection that is promised to us in such ads.

Hill says that one of her main goals in doing this project was to show women that “models aren’t actually as real as they seem—without extensive makeup and editing, many don’t look that much better than the rest of us.”

She’s right.

See more of her work here.

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Tara Dec 13, 2013 6:06pm

Oh how I wish this info had been available and known when I was a teen. I deeply believe it would have greatly improved my sense of self esteem and perhaps even some of the choices I made as I came into adulthood.

Cat B Dec 13, 2013 2:24pm

Oh, I personally cannot WAIT for when I can feel normal going without makeup instead of plain and dull. I used to wear makeup every day, and now I wear it maybe once a week (sometimes only once a month!) When/if advertising stops saturating our psyches with unrealistic images, being plain, dull, natural and beautiful will hopefully be the new norm! One can only hope, anyway!

Erica Dec 13, 2013 6:51am

I love this, Kim, the commentary and the artist. You find the best stuff on the beauty/industry/illusion vs reality issue and it's been really healing for me to witness it alongside you. Thank you.

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