December 9, 2013

From the Mouths of…Cats. ~ Paige Vignola {Video}

I am Cat-Woman!

Clearly, however, I am not the only one. Here’s one. And another. And yet another.

I currently have three cats. There used to be more but, well that’s a story for another time.

I have certain friends who refer to me as a crazy cat lady. I gently remind them that although I may be slightly unhinged, since I have both a roommate, two kids and almost never sit out on my front porch shaking my fist at the neighbors’ children, I can’t possibly fit the profile.

I admit, however, to sometimes browsing the web in search of cat humor.

If prevalence is any indication, the internet was ostensibly developed for the sole purpose of viewing cats, cat photos, cat videos, cat cartoons, cat memes and general cat findings.

For years my favorite Inter-cat Star has been Henri, Le Chat Noir.

However, this past week I was introduced to the Sad Cat Diary.

I swear, I’ve heard most of these very words from my own trio. (Cat people will totally understand that last statement.  The uninitiated will think the rest of us are crazy.)

I’ve always been a fan of originals over remakes and perhaps it’s the fact that his narrative is in French and therefore somehow more artsy, but Henri, the cat with ennui, will always take primary position in my list of favorite cat YouTube stars.

For lighter look at cat behavior, meet Simon’s Cat.

Have a happy Catday.

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