December 9, 2013

“If Only For A Second”: Immortalizing A Carefree Moment. ~ Kathryn Ashworth {Video}

This video was created by the Mimi Foundation; an organization based out of Belgium which provides free services (counseling, even beauty tips) to those struggling with cancer.

Their focus is on the over-all wellbeing of patients—everything from the physical, to the emotional—and this is clearly demonstrated as we see the transformation that takes place here.

“If Only For A Second” reminds me of all the good in the world: what we can do for others in need, and how we can feel even in our deepest moments of despair.

After all, how many of us, terminal illness or not, have felt trapped with no sense of relief?

Sometimes it only takes one second to remember joy-–even after so many years of struggling—and this is a testament to that:

“To forget the illness. If only for a second.”

Now that’s beauty.


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