In Case You Were Feeling Too Serious This Holiday Season. ~ Melissa Petty {Adult}

Via Melissa Petty
on Dec 13, 2013
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I woke up this morning freaking out. I had the “how the hell is Christmas less than two weeks away?” moment.

If you are anything like me the holidays are a mind-boggling mixture of delight and seemingly unending stress.

Maybe it’s the pressure I put upon myself to find “the” gift or the innumerable sugar bombs I drop into my stomach via cookies, cake and eggnog.

At any rate, I had given myself a few minutes of screen time before really getting my day going; I noticed this video a friend had posted to Facebook. And as I was sat at my kitchen table laughing so loud I’m sure the whole neighborhood could hear me the stress seemed to subside. For the rest of the day all I could think of was Billy Eichner shouting “someone wants a god-damned partridge, I know it!”

Also…Amy Poehler, need I say more?

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About Melissa Petty

Melissa Petty is a yoga teacher, coffee lover, beer enthusiast, amateur blogger and merry maker living in Columbus, OH. When she is not on her mat, Melissa enjoys cooking, snuggling her sister’s kids, and enjoying her amazing city and all it has to offer. Melissa received her 200 hour training from ShivaShakti Sythesis RYS under the guidance of Janice George and Connie Phillips. In addition to the two wonderfully strong women, Melissa counts Tara Powers and Josie Schweitzer among her local yoga heroes and inspirations. Follow her adventures on Instagram.



2 Responses to “In Case You Were Feeling Too Serious This Holiday Season. ~ Melissa Petty {Adult}”

  1. Catherine says:

    Yes, HILARIOUS!!