January 16, 2014

9 Tips to Awaken the Inner Genius. ~ Keith Molyneaux

Every human being has something special to offer.

Believing in and unleashing inner talent can be a confusing process. While a select few seem to know what they want to do, how to do it, and have the support systems to make it happen, the rest of us struggle to bring out our best.

As an artist, musician, writer and teacher, my path to self-sufficiency with creativity has been full of confusing and enlightening learning experiences. These are just a few ideas to help you tap into your infinite creative potential.

1. Believe you can.

If a person does not believe that they are creative or have talent, then the action needed to make it real never occurs.

2. Take Action.

Wishful thoughts are not enough for creativity to blossom. Find ways to support your creative vision and do it. Start with baby steps, a little at a time, and grow naturally and with enjoyment.

3. Be willing to make mistakes, and enjoy the learning curve.

Unveiling personal talent can be a journey full of dead-ends, restarts and big eureka moments. These so-called mistakes show where to go, or how to fine-tune. And as a child makes mistakes, when discovering and expressing personal talent, so does every human at every age.

4. Keep a journal.

Throughout history, one of the most common traits of all geniuses is that they kept journals. The best type of journal has no lines, and is more akin to an art pad where you can write your words, sketch ideas, and write out research thoughts. Put your ideas into it with pen, pencil, paint, scrap booking or in any way that comes to you.

5.Re-learn how to learn.

The school system does more damage to individual curiosity. It requires people to learn in a way that is not natural to the individual personality. By learning your way of learning, the joy of knowledge and discovery can be rekindled. Knowing your methods for learning reinforces self-confidence, self-knowledge, and supports true creativity.

6. Practice Daily.

When practicing every day, skill consistently grows. Even if you only engage in your art, music or creative endeavor for just five minutes, that keeps the moment going and the subconscious bubbling.

7. Keep it light-hearted and enjoyable.

Find ways to have fun with your creativity. Share with supportive individuals, and avoid dream-stealers. Be sure to laugh at the mistakes and learning curves, so many brilliant ideas happen because of so-called mistakes. Perspective and its influence matters.

8. Doodle.

While most people aren’t not going to become the best painters or artists in the world, being able to draw stick figures and doodles still helps unleash the creativity inherent with the subconscious. Some of the most successful business plans I’ve witnessed began as doodles on a bar napkin or scrap sheet of paper.

9. Learn to play an instrument.

And by learning to play, I mean like a child might play. I suggest finding an interesting instrument, and rather than taking lessons, sit down with the instrument and figure it out. After you have learned how to have fun with the instrument, if you want to take lessons, then do so. Music brings joy to everybody, and learning to play an instrument will bring a new dimension to the life of you, your family, and community.

There are so many ways to tap into creative potential.

And these are just a few ideas that have worked for me. If you really want to express your creative soul, I suggest taking these ideas and then following your intuitive guidance in whatever way it guides you.

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

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