January 15, 2014

Even Dogs Need Spa Treatments & Shopping Sprees. {Videos}

Oh yes, it is true.

My research shows that dogs are considered to be so much like humans that they need beauty treatments just like their guardians do. (At least that is what I have surmised).

Anyone who truly loves a dog knows that their precious pup deserves the very best. Some consider their fur-babies as close as their children and will go out of their way to make sure they are pampered with all different kinds of salon treatments and shopping sprees that are usually reserved for humans.

I have found many examples of these treatments and coddled dogs. Some humans can not resist spoiling their pups and will go to any length to do so.

Please take a look at Maggie, a Staffordshire Terrier getting a mud bath to sooth her soul. I am not sure her owner actually set this up for her, but nonetheless, I think she might even enjoy her mud bath more than a human would.

And just about everyone is giving their dogs pedicures these days. It is all over the internet on just how to do this, but I particularly love this example:

And let’s not forget getting their hair, um, I mean fur colored:

And many dogs have better wardrobes than most humans! My bet is some of these pups actually have closets or dressers to store all of their clothing.

I could go on and on about special grooming, puppy bedtime music, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic adjustments, photo sessions and doggie shoes, but you get the idea.

This would probably never fly with cats.

Personally, I have to drag my butt down to a $15 hair salon, forgo expensive nail treatments, shop at discount stores and can forget about the spa mud baths. I only wish that someone would give me shopping sprees and spa treatments like these dogs are getting.

Maybe I need to start panting and sniffing bottoms to try and get myself adopted and start living the high life.

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Keith Bacongco via Flickr

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