Falling Into Love. {Poem}

Via Rebecca Lammersen
on Jan 31, 2014
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Photo: Patty Maher

Falling Into Love

There once was a girl who thought she was brave.

She climbed mountains to prove she wasn’t a slave.

She denied help because she’d have to admit,

She may need to be rescued or actually commit.  

It was a risk she wasn’t willing to take.

She knew there was a chance her heart would break.

Then, this life she would surely want to forsake.


She despised the idea of someone else catching her fall.

Cause then, she would owe it all.

See, in her life there was a condition,

For love borrowed without permission.

Somehow, someway she kept hoping and wishing,

That one day there would be someone to love her

In the way she’d been missing.

Someone willing to listen,

Even on the days she started slipping.


So she tried and tried to give herself fully.

But no one wanted her,

She was too unruly.

Discouraged, she began to guard her soul.

She refused to be a fool.

Her walls went up,

Higher and higher with each ache,

How could they not?

The pain was too great.  

She began to give up until the day

She finally realized

She was worthy.

Extraordinary was always a part of her story.  

She didn’t need to be brave in order to be saved,

Cause she already had the love she so craved.

Inside of her was the tallest mountain of all, 

Filled with no fear even if she were to fall.

It was then she had a realization,

Which would be the catalyst for an eros creation.

The truth of it all had been there the whole time,

Just waiting for her,

To release her grip of the side.

She didn’t need to be scared to let go,

Cause the act of letting go

Was always in her control.

So she did,

And she tumbled

Into the arms of that someone

Who promised her,

It was finally safe

To crumble.  

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Patty Maher


About Rebecca Lammersen

Rebecca Lammersen is the founder of Yogalution, an intimate, boutique style yoga studio in Scottsdale, AZ. I love being alive. I love being a mother. I love teaching yoga. I love to write. I love to know. I love to not know. I love to learn. I love to listen. I love to read. I love to swim. I love to travel. I love to dance. I love to help. I love to serve. That pretty much sums me up. For daily inspirations, check out Rebecca's website. Visit her yoga studio website and peruse her articles at The Huffington Post. You can also find her on Facebook. Subscribe to Rebecca's feed and never miss a post!


4 Responses to “Falling Into Love. {Poem}”

  1. anderson3152 says:

    Oh my….does this sound familiar! Beautiful writing lovely!

  2. Melissa says:

    Beautiful <3

  3. Bhavana says:

    wow! my story…. ({})

  4. Amy E says:

    Wow! Almost too close to home for comfort. Amazing!

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