January 21, 2014

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 1.20.

Moon is waning (Krishna Paksha) and transits Leo, Virgo, Libra and into Scorpio (its sign of debilitation) this week. Moon is debilitated from the 25th until mid day on the 27th.

Use this time to listen to your intuition and subtle messages.

For a jyotish Moon-centered approach to your day, follow my daily Moon Mind posts via Face Book.

Sun moves to Sravana nakshatra on 1.23. Ruled by Vishnu. This placement should bring movement towards dharma and knowledge. We must listen carefully however and make sure to act on intuitive guidance here in order to maximize the benefits.

Wednesday, 1.22, Mercury moves to Dhanishta nakshatra, ruled by the Vasudevas- sources of illumination and prosperity. At the end of the week, Mercury moves to Aquarius- on 1.26 at 12:03 pm CST. Mercury will receive drishti from both Rahu and Jupiter in a sign ruled by Saturn. Mercury is weak in degrees (sandhi) from the 25th through the 28th. Some level of expansion, worldly gains and increased business and commerce are possible in the coming weeks. But temper obsessive compulsive behaviors, greed, cravings and excesses as well as negative thought patterns. Temper your asuras in other words. Late in the week and into early next week, mental acuity is less, so avoid important decisions at this time.

If you have been uncertain about seeking guidance and support for the coming year, I urge you to reach out and get help refining your vision for 2014. Intention is potent! It is a big year with multiple {major} planetary changes. We will experience the changes of Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, Saturn and unusual movements of Mars all in the next eleven months. Big changes are in store for each of us! Feeling uncertain about your action steps? What needs to change in order for growth? What kind of support you need? Schedule a yearly progression with me in order to make your New Year a truly transformational year.

Utilize my jyoti/creative arts activities as a healing & awareness tool for your week. This week’s activity has to do with creating a sense of fullness using mandalas.


*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Right now your career is teaching you about “best practice” but perhaps the lessons are coming in the form of “what not to do” from your work relationships. Relationships in general continue to prove insightful and a source of growth. Learning from past relationships is a theme right now and may provide you with a window into what no longer serves you. Cut out whoever and whatever is not serving your higher purpose, higher being. There’s no time like the present to purge and let go.

Taurus: If you are paying close attention, you may be noticing your deepest vulnerabilities are providing an opportunity to teach you about strength, resiliency and power. Relationships, friendships and wealth will provide the biggest source of insight and information so watch your responses and reactions for clues. Digestion and what you ingest are still central themes. What are you putting into your body? What are you ingesting from environment and relations? The release will be assisted with meditation and surrender.

Head clearing and heart clearing continue by way of your digestion. There’s a much needed urge to purge the old and outworn; time well spent. Include old relationships, emotional habits, and self esteem struggles in your rummage pile. Sun is still in your 8th house—giving you an opportunity to pause, re-collect and re-connect with your Self in more meaningful ways through transformation and metamorphosis. Meditation is time well spent and will help you get your head on straight(er).

Pay attention to your relationships at this time. Are they healing or hurting you? Digging up your bad habits? The asuras are out to play and you might get snared in their traps. The tussle between positivity and negativity will be waltzing between your mind and heart but don’t be afraid to take action steps—even if you take a stumble. In the dance of life, it’s all just practice. Avoid over-consumption: of spending, of drinking and of sweets. Listen to the pitter patter of your heart if you feel out of step; trust your own rhythm.

Friendships are returning with a new sense of awareness and intuitive insight. What new pieces are present now? Take a role of listening and presence rather than healer and therapist with personal relationships. Is it hard for you to step out of the “power role” of giving? Mind and digestion are running a bit hot right now. Avoid spicey, fermented and overly rajasic foods in order to soothe your heart burn. Eating excessive sweets and alcohol won’t suppress the feelings either. Now is a good time to take a look at your need to be in control.

Head is hot and heart is beating faster. What is your new rhythm and pulse? Your heart dance? You are dancing backwards right now, re-creating your set point of desire and what is possible. Keep the visions alive. Keep the head and heart in a passionate tango. Sing and stomp. Howl and tip toe. Create your dreams and bring them into your reality. From inner to outer. Find the right connections, resources and relationships to support you and don’t look back.

Take courageous leaps. Create your new life and relationships by cutting up the old haunts, memories and demons into tiny pieces. Re-arrange them and create a collage that suits your heart’s desires, dreams and inner guidance. You have the chance to change your life, to re-create it—from the inside out. Art is a potent medicine and it’s just what the doctor ordered. Make time for your dreams.

It takes courage to take a new path, to carve out a new way of doing and being. You’re in the midst of a growth spurt where you are able to expand your vision of what is possible and align more closely with your dreams and goals. It comes with effort and building on your past resources but you are up for the challenge and the transformation. Remember to take a pause late this week and resource within. Meditation, self care rituals and nourishing foods are time well spent. Mind your mouth.

Sagittarius: If anyone should be learning to waltz right now, it is you. You already know the steps—and have done them before—but likely you are getting a new twist on them. Use fresh eyes and fresh feet to take your triple steps. Don’t let your fumbles stop your momentum and remember to look up—not down at your feet. Momentum and follow through may be your biggest obstacles. Just remember in the dance of life, it’s one step at a time and all big journeys begin with a single step.

Vayu (the wind god) continues to blow changes and uncertainty into your career and finances but something has strengthened your resolve and purpose. Trust your core as you retrace steps, search and excavate into your depths, past creativity and relationships. You can put all these pieces together and create a beautiful new collage; a map for moving forward. Don’t underestimate your tenacity and your creative resolve. Let your passion out of its cage.

Aquarius: Sitting in the belly of the beast, look around you and take notes. Sitting at the ashram, look around you and take notes. Compare. Contrast. What inspires you to keep going? To persevere? Who and what fills you with gladness and makes your heart sing? Listen to these messages and look at your notes. They are the words of the Universe pushing you towards your dharma.

Pisces: Expansion in reverse seems to be the theme right now. Perhaps some of your old efforts and connections are finally paying off- but likely your efforts and gains are coming with a few rough patches and frustrations. What are you learning from the irks and irritations? Check in with your power source. Who and what provides you with a sense of power? Anger provides much power. If you can harness it and use a bit of alchemy, you will come out ahead. But you’ll need to thwart what’s coming at you. This week provides you with some practice.


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