January 21, 2014

Meditation Collage. ~ Missi Rasmussen {Poem}

The artist narrows the choice

of collage elements by juxtaposing

distractions with images of breath,

adds details of daydreams,

and attaches shopping lists with

contact cement.


Begin the process by cutting frustrations

and separate the pieces with obsessive

mindfulness. Then dispose of the scraps

with wide-open awareness.

There should be an irregular edge

beginning in silence.


The combined elements of negative habits,

wisdom, and the music of the world create a

layered effect characteristic of popcorn.


The repeated patterns move freely,

evoking thoughts of the ocean and a

feeling of sitting stable, like a mountain,

aware of sounds, listening to the

spacious silence, lost in the seductive

and familiar outfit made from scraps

of many years of rummaging for

collage fodder.



And in the morning,

The paint will be

Dry enough to touch

With your third eye.


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           Assistant Editor: Brenna Fischer/Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

           Image: fotologic/Flickr Creative Commons

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