January 18, 2014

Sex Explained—Straightforward Yet Interesting. {Video}

When I watched this video, I was taken aback.

This young man explained sex and sexuality in such an interesting yet uncomplicated and non-shaming way.

And it was all done using the proper words for our genitals instead of cutesy euphemisms.

While watching this, I was immediately transported back in time to embarrassing memories of junior high school and the animated, long and boring films on the birds and bees that I was forced to watch. Unfortunately, these films taught me much about nothing and they are sadly still being shown in some schools today.

This new concise method of explaining sex is far better. My sincere hope is that it will be added into school curriculums and will be made into the new required sex education film for kids in junior high on up.

This video lays out all of the pertinent facts with no extra bits included. Well okay, maybe it does talk about our sexy bits, but in a fascinating and scientific way that doesn’t talk down to the viewer. And I feel that our children are much smarter than they are given credit for and should be taught with this fact in mind.

So much information is jam-packed into this mere six minute lecture and all of it is pertinent and shown in a non-judgmental fashion—explaining everything from birth control to how our body parts look and function.

This film even educates us about the laws in different countries—informing us about what age sex becomes legal. It even goes on to tackle the delicate subjects of sexual identity and rape—subjects that all kids (and adults) need to learn about.

I was impressed that this video was done in such an uncomplicated and clear-cut fashion. I wasn’t even bored!

Please consider sharing this if you have children and feel that this would be appropriate for them to watch:


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