January 25, 2014

(Some) Elephant Readers: Let’s Not Talk about Sex.

Sex = Bad

Once in awhile, elephant posts about sexuality. Maybe 1/25 posts.

But some prudish readers, perhaps because of what’s “like”d or shared, only comment on such posts, and they do so with lots of capital letters, anger and insults to elephant “you’re just after clicks”—a site that has remained independent (and poor) despite four offers of sale, a site that right now is voluntarily giving up 95% of our advertising $$$s until we can find sponsors we, and our readers, can believe in. 

Yes, we like sex, and when we post about it some of our readers are angry, denounce elephant, demand that we stop doing so, accuse us of focusing on sex for clicks (when it is them, our readers, who ignore 95% of our posts and only notice the sexual ones—who’s fault is that?). Yes, sex can be about attachment, or craving, or selling something…or something more fundamental. 

As I mentioned to some angry readers who hate seeing posts about sexuality in a post below on Elephant Journal, “See the light in elephant team, then, too. We post about climate change, family, bicycling, mindful adventure, entrepreneurship…and often, readers ignore everything, only to comment in anger and dismay on posts having something to do with politics or sex. 

See it from our point of view. Where are your kind, appreciative comments on our hundreds of articles about yoga, conversations with thought leaders, articles about relationships, true happiness, meditation?”

Photo: Jasper Johal

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Read 24 comments and reply

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