January 23, 2014

The negative effects of Marijuana.

Warning: naughty language ahead.

The negative effects of Marijuana:


But seriously, there are negative effects, right?

According to anti-cannabis organizations (listed below):

-memory problems
-trouble with problem solving
-coughing and breathing trouble
-impaired coordination
-loss of motivation and behavioral problems
-a developed dependency on the drug
-panic attacks
-cancer risks (mainly lung)
-Not to mention the amount of money spent on marijuana
-Don’t forget memory problems

Rather biased Sources: The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, The National Women’s Health Information Center and the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Two informed comments via Reddit: “Psychotic breaks happen, but as long as you use it in moderation, you shouldn’t experience one. Cannabis can also can precipitate or exacerbate latent or existing mental disorders, so if you have a family history of mental disorders, you should stay away from cannabis.”

But is smoking bad for our lungs? Surprisingly: “Regarding respiratory issues, that’s a double edged blade. Cannabis is a bronchodilator, which means it opens the airway and reduces resistance which is amazing when you suffer from asthma like myself. I can truly say that in the year and a half I’ve smoked I have not had a single asthma flair up. That’s anecdotal of course…

[This] site has links/references for each claim made.


In summary, there is currently no convincing evidence that smoking cannabis causes airflow obstruction. This may be surprising and appears to conflict with the consistent evidence for increased resistance to airflow in the large airways. In addition to the studies reported previously, four other studies have found that cannabis smokers have increased levels of airway Raw and/or lower levels of SGaw than nonusers or tobacco smokers.[11,18,20,21] These findings suggest that cannabis has significant effects on large airway function associated with bronchitis and mucous production, which are greater than those found for tobacco, but has little or no effect on airway obstruction and the risk of COPD.


Note: that site “does show significant negative respiratory effects of smoking cannabis, just not airway obstruction. Inhaling smoke is never good for you and is inherently carcinogenic.

…you might best be served by a vaporizer…”

And then there’s this:

Study: Smoking (Pot) is Good for You.

 On the other hand,

Why not to smoke pot from a Buddhist point of view.

But, in the end, it’s as or more beneficial and safe than alcohol and cigarettes, and we’re all for its continued legalization (as is President Obama)

In the end, this comment says it all: “Short-term memory? Yep. Complacency? You bet. Does it make me feel better about all the shitty things that happen in this world? Absolutely. Everyone argues that the effects of trees are different for every person and the situation they are currently in. For me, I smoked two years straight before realizing I needed a break from feeling like I was re-living the same day on repeat. Sure, smoking [pot] everyday sounds like an awesome idea. It’s when you feel stuck in a loop when it becomes a problem. I spent more time thinking and less time doing. I love [pot], but realized it was interfering with my goals. Do we legalize it? Hell yes.If you have shit to do, go out and do it. Trees should be a reward for you being awesome, not an excuse to feel awesome.”

In conclusion, it’s how we use it. Use it mindfully, and you’ll benefit, most likely. Use it mindlessly, and it’s a whole other path you’re couchsurfing down:

Ten Things that are Bad for Us that can be Good for You if Practiced Mindfully.

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