January 26, 2014

The Ocean is Healing. Yay. ~ Dani Katz

Alright, superstars.

Thanks for sharing this little animation far and wide, and for joining me in reciting this ocean healing mantra aloud at least three times a day, plus whenever you choose to remember.

Your planet thanks you. 

In this super amazing stop motion animation, Dani Katz invites us to focus our attention on our beloved ocean, and to harness the healing powers of sound, love, gratitude and acknowledgment in service to her swift and graceful healing. Katz invites us all to recite the ocean healing mantra—out loud—three times a day, plus whenever we choose to remember.

Our words, actions and intentions really are powerful enough to bring about the necessary miracles to rebalance our planet for the balanced and thriving.

Dream biggest. Vibe highest.



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Assistant Editor: Dana Gornall / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo credit: Youtube via author


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