January 12, 2014

Xcel Energy Colorado: Solar Energy is bad for our profits, cut it (or else).

“The price of solar panels has plummeted 77 percent the past four years to 77 cents a watt.”

“If the changes Xcel is advocating aren’t adopted, the company wants to cut its Solar Rewards program by 80 percent.”

Read the rest of the article over at the Daily Camera, here.

First Xcel fights municipalization (Boulder, Colorado, wanting to take independent control of our own power, use more renewables, and save money), loses, then fights it again, loses again, now this:

…it sees customers with rooftop solar buying less electricity and getting credits for making it, said Rick Gilliam, research director at the Vote Solar Initiative, a solar-advocacy group.

…”They see it as a disruptive threat.”

It also wants to eventually reduce the credit that solar installations get for putting kilowatt-hours onto the grid — the net-meter credit.”

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