A Love Letter To My Muse. ~ Dinah Dietrich

Via Dinah Dietrich
on Feb 4, 2014
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Mirror kiss

All my life you have been a constant companion, always there when I really needed you—you seemed fickle, as though you came and went from my life at whim.

At the same time, you were a constant; you always came back like the ocean going out, out then always in.
Always there was the page–the great, blank white page.

Had the pens–the typewriter, the old-fashioned carbons—years later we have laptop computers—tap tap of the keys a gentle and reassuring sound….

Kissing Poem

When I was young
I was surprised
When a young woman I knew
Suddenly kissed me.

It was my first kiss,
Shocking and marvelous
As the tender flower
That blossomed
Between my legs.


Kissing Poem 2

When I was young, I kissed
my own shoulders.

Not knowing if this was normal,
I kept it secret.

Everything sexual
was  hidden back then,

 no one spoke of it.
I wondered

whether kissing my shoulders
was strange,

 but since I was beautiful ,
I would kiss myself again.


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About Dinah Dietrich

Dinah Dietrich writes poetry, memoir, and fiction. She has published poems in The Berkshire Anthology, A Slant of Light  anthology, Sinister Wisdom, and other literary magazines. Her story, The Woman Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming, was published in April 2012 and received the nomination for the Pushcart Prize. Dinah was a Bennington girl when younger and received her B.A. in Literature there. She earned her M.A.  in  Literature from U. Mass. Amherst, where she won a Fellowship.  She currently lives and writes in upstate New York. She is a voracious  reader and is a fan of the cinema.


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