February 6, 2014

Against All Odds. ~ Judy Walker {Video}

Alice Tan Ridley raised two children by singing in the subways of New York for 22 years.

Working underground in the steamy labyrinth of passageways filled with rushing multitudes of people who usually don’t have a minute for anyone, Alice lifts them out of their lives for a few moments with a creative talent that transcends both her circumstances and theirs.

I watched this video shot in the subway, and although Alice went on to perform Midnight Train to Georgia on America’s Got Talent; this raw performance has really got “it”. Her desire to reach everyday people and surprise them with her joy, in the most unlikely spot in the universe, beats the performance stage all to hell and back. Alice is my hero.

Both in the everyday, or in unusual places, out of context, or solving daily living problems, this woman shows a shining strength we should all strive for.

It’s not about how we look, or how much stuff we have: if we have opportunity, it’s love. Doing what you love against all odds, without help, with responsibilities and with desire. Finding our gift, having a voice and using it to instill hope in others.

Alice did this with her own daughter Gabourey Sidibe, who was nominated for Best Actress for her performance in the 2009 Academy Award-winning film, “Precious”.

Now that’s what an entrepreneurial woman can do—against all odds.

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Assistant Editor: Bronwyn Petry/Editor: Bryonie Wise
Photo: Youtube


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