February 10, 2014

Embracing Righteous Female Fury.

Photo: Daniela Vladimirova

For generations women have born the brunt of male ignorance—is it any wonder that women can be furious at men for our ignorance and thoughtlessness ?

Men have slain the sons, daughters, husbands and friends of women throughout the ages. Women have been belittled, humiliated, squashed into stereotypes and spiritual boxes, told that they don’t have souls.

They have been told they are less than.

That their passion is too wild and to be controlled, or that they are sexless and have no passion. Women have been raped, mutilated, sold as property, and treated as objects for gratification or profit.

It is no wonder that women can so easily respond with anger and strong emotion—any sane human would.

Women have suffered for far too long, and the pain of lifetimes of experience is bubbling into world awareness.

Naturally, women are furious.

Can you imagine anybody who has been mistreated constantly responding with love, peace, devotion and understanding? It’s an ideal that goes beyond realistic expectations.

Abuse and misogyny has been passed down from generation to generation and women of every age suffer for it.

Regardless of how women have been treated, they still have an amazing capacity for compassion, wisdom and gentleness. It can be seen in the care of their children, in how they love their partner, in the sensitivity for the sick, lost and those in need. In the dedication to their work, tribe and the world.

If a woman can offer this when in pain can you imagine how much more a woman can offer when she knows she is truly valued, appreciated, embraced and loved?

For the world to heal, the fury of women must be heard, understood, accepted and embraced.

A raging woman is a fearsome sight—most people run and cower from such raw, unbridled power. Especially men.

Women have the ability to bring life into the world, that is the greatest force of nature possible. Women bring to life the hidden domains of fury and neglect and bring it to the light.

Honor the hurt and rage by embracing, not defending, against it.

The natural tendency when facing a force of nature is to run. A tidal wave can kill, so can a woman spurned. Most likely, if she is heard, listened to and the truth of her essence recognized, she will heal. Not even heaven can’t help you if belittling and denying a woman’s rage.

Only love has the ability to temper a woman.

In martial arts, a technique for self-defense involves stepping closer. In marital arts, stepping closer may be the only defense. Listening and remaining present, feeling her hurt and acknowledging her spirit, standing in the eye of the hurricane. Run away from the tempest, and be branded a coward.

Women do not need to be fixed. Women are beautiful as they are.

Simply listening to a woman, honoring her requests, and remaining present will let her know she is loved. The woman who unveils and lives in her authentic spirit is a gift. She will blossom with love.

Love will see her truth, power, wildness and spirit.

Love will listen to her anguish, carried by generations of women.

Love will give her the strength to heal herself, her family, her lover and the world.

Love recognizes a woman for all that she is.

Shadows and light; day and night—a blessing of life.

*Author’s note: I am speaking about an ideal. Not all women are furious. Not all are caring and loving. I refer to a larger global picture that spans generations and thousands of years, not to any personal lives or experiences. 

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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Daniela Vladimirova

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Read 2 comments and reply

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