February 26, 2014

“Here are a few ideas that helped me get grounded.” ~ Megha Mehta


An earthy practice to help us navigate health and life.

What is the one thing that we all need most as a culture, right now, to live a balanced healthy life inspired by the greater good?

Some might say it’s listening to our inner voice more than ever, others might think we need more movement in our sedentary day and many will argue it’s eating right and detoxifying that’s going to help us most.

What I’ve learnt by working with several people directly, and noticing many others indirectly, is that the average urban person needs this one thing to help balance every other aspect of the equation they already have (like information, resources, etc)!

And that one thing is grounding.

Every great teacher of intuition will tell we that we need to develop a daily grounding practice to enhance our intuition. They will also talk about how our body is one of the best ways to process and understand our inner voice.  In fact our current level of body awareness is a great indicator of how grounded we are!

So how can we use grounding to help us navigate our health and life issues?

1. For beginners, if we practice grounding ourselves by connecting to the earth on a regular basis, we’ll start to develop a deeper understanding of our body’s current health status.  Being grounded helps us to stay present and connect with our body more deeply and that will give we a great way to assess what really is going on with our health and life right at this moment.

2. We will also be able to decipher information that we receive from external sources in the context of our own health at this stage. For example: Our mind can easily launch itself into imagining that something wrong is happening with we when we start to read a lengthy article about a specific illness. But if we bring that information inside of our body and practice grounding and just observe what comes up we’ll notice that our intuitive wisdom will give we the understanding that we need in the context of that information. It will help we understand whether the information applies to we and it will guide we towards steps if any that we might need to take to restore our health.

3. If we are grounded, our inner voice will be able to give we small bits of information on a regular daily basis that will help we keep our balance of health and wellness without the stress of wondering what’s most beneficial for we. Are we dehydrated? Are we in need of more quality sleep as opposed to more number of hours of sleeping? Are we in need of more fiber in our daily diet? Watch out for the little voice inside of we talking about all of these things and more. How does it start to do that? When we start to ask the questions, stay open and let the answers and guidance find we!

There are many other advantages of being grounded and the only thing that we need to benefit from them is to start to practice it consciously and regularly every single hour or every single day!

Here are a few ideas that helped me get grounded:

–       I’ll close my eyes take a few deep breaths and after I feel relaxed, I’ll do an internal scan of my body to see where in my body do I feel most connected right now. Mostly it’s in my heart but for you it might be elsewhere! After that I will visualize myself dropping down to the core of the earth where I will continue to breathe and relax, this time inhaling beaituful lively energy from the earth’s core.

–       While talking to someone who makes me feel weird or if and when something feels off in a situation, I’ll visualize roots coming down from my feet and extending all the way into the earth from where I draw pure golden white light energy that reaches every part of my body.

–       If I can I’ll walk barefoot on grass and try to connect with the trees, the earth and the nature around me whenever I am outdoors!

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